tell me about some j-rock maybe




To my personal liking is -

An simply for cheeseball factor -


new THE NOVEMBERS is pretty good.


The girl in this Sunday Service music video is literally the most powerful and attractive woman alive for its duration.


that was… really unsettling, actually


it’s definitely very unsettling


this is a consistently great historiographic playlist


Wow yeah Ian. Really kind of hit everything. Like the only thing I would add is Sambomaster and that’s after this list.


no psf


truly there seems to be a lack of acid mothers temple and the likes of it going on, but it’s probably because of the time frame they are from (only looking it up now i discovered that apparently the psf stuff was mostly from the 90s; i could swear they were honest-to-god straigh from the 70s)

i think quruli and supercar kind of scratch a similar itch and they are less known in The West but i feel you nonetheless


another punctual criticism i have is that when putting the hikashu song ‘puyo puyo’ he linked to the official music video instead of this insanely visceral live performance


no Guitar Wolf either and that would easily slot in with the 70s-80s punk/noise/etc section


Man I really need to hear what quruli or supercar songs kind of sound like sambo.


i mean they have their own melodic screams and sparkly clean guitars; it’s close enough for the time i guess~~



yo where can i get more shit like this

thanks fam


sorry it’s incomparable

if you mean the guitars then

“rainbow” is a splendid time, random ghost tracks are cool too. i especially love the outro from the guru in the echo 7” where they just wait whole minutes before michio scrapes at your brain in the fadeout with idk, probably cool whirling guitar wind spirits or something, thematically

the next white heaven album 3 “next to nothing” has piano which carries them further in the searing-cool-melancholy direction (vs the squiggly-guitars-on-fire direction). his tunes with Damon and Naomi are probably most in line with falling stars end, oddly, maybe you should try dream pop???

i made a post above about shizuka playing with mizutani where they play the falling stars end chord progression, and shizuka is sorta close but still not the same thing

john cipollina of quicksilver messenger service is a kurihara predecessor. my favorite kurihara acolyte is the guy from heron oblivion, something von harmonson I think? he played echoplex for comets on fire but now is a real deal guitar slinger, I positioned myself strategically by his amp when I saw them live

uh… what’s the most psych/emo television song?

you ishihara (guitar 2 and vocals in white heaven) has solo albums and reformed WH as “the stars” who have pretty unimpressive albums with some good songs here and there

they covered “bright lit blue skies” findable on youtube, and so did ariel pink, so it’s fun to compare

oh yeah white heaven album 2 “strange bedfellows” isn’t as good but there is a monster jam called “coloured mind drops” that is can’t miss. no michio on that whole album

no links as I’m on my phone but ACTUALLY
the closest in tone/mood to white heaven are

  1. certain miminokoto albums
  2. the italicized font with piano and mystery from busin wizardry alternative / wizardry: tale of the forsaken land


I payed a third party service to bid on this CD for me in a Japanese Auction

Tokie, the bassist, is one of two reasons I play bass guitar. Their third album only printed 9,000 copies and sold out in Japan only pre-orders. No digital release. Unavailable to pirate, at the time.

I made the bid like 2.5 years after it released. By which time, their 4th and widely printed album, had released.

$130. every bit worth it.

From age 19 until about 26, I lived on a steady diet of GO!GO!7188, Unkie, and TsuShiMaMiRe. With lots of other stuff sprinkled in. Luminous Orange (shoegaze). Yellow Machinegun. Some others, already mentioned in this thread.

(GO!GO!7188 has 9 original albums and two cover albums. Ryuuzetsuran is my fave. Akko is the other reason I play bass.)

Gogo disbanded, TSMMR disbanded, MoTFD disbanded, Tokyo Jihen disbanded, Unkie is on indefinite hiatus. Chirinuruwowaka will probably never be as good as their first album. But they do a release every year and some of them have been quite good. I still buy them.

Number Girl was pretty much the start of modern Japanese rock and it started at a pretty high point. Mukai Shutoku is just a normal looking Japanese dude and that had to have been hugely inspiring for Japanese men. Hisako Tabuchi single handedly inspired many Japanese girls to get up and perform rock music. Even Shiina Ringo, herself. Who eventually did a one-off band with Tabuchi. Called, Hatsuiku Status. Here is what that sounded like:

If you want some heavy girl stuff, aforementioned Mass of The Fermenting Dregs is the most accessible girl fronted band with a huge sound.

On the more abrasive and chunky side:

Bleach (aka Bleach 03) is a defacto band

After Bleach disbanded, the bassist went and made a new band called 385. Owes a lot to Midori (Midori is the reason a bunch of noise bands came out like 7 years ago), but more rockin and a little more cohesive. Especially in their second release.

Kokeshi Doll rides a weird line where they kinda almost seem like a kei band. but they really aren’t. I guess, Imagine if a sort of dark angsty kei band which didn’t absolutely suck, crossed with early Nirvana. Lots of big, deep bass tones and pounding drums. Turn it up.

Not an avid fan, but you can go with Kuroneko of Onmyouza and get on that operatic metal train:

Yellow Machinegun was probably an inspiration for Bleach

Here is the hardest song Shonen Knife ever did

And to switch gears for something real tasty, check out the album “Daihakken” by Tokyo Jihen. Shiina Ringo finally did it and became Japanese David Bowie with the album. It tastefully skirts through several genres and is wonderful from beginning to end. The bass playing is phenomenal.
Here’s a live version for one of my fave songs on the album (the upload audio has some clipping):

There are a bunch of peppy math/prog rock bands. One of which is Toe.

Glim Spanky ranges from obviously making a pop-rock buck like nickleback, to doing a specific thing which I never get tired of: