Tekken 7




That was my grumpy old man post about Tekken 7.
glad that’s off my chest.

I’m probably just mad that Lei Wulong isn’t in it.

Tekken 4 was my favorite Tekken, though I acknowledge the matches were too slow.
I liked how each character felt distinct.


What happened to Lei!? I have been on and off with the series over the years starting with Tekken 2. I had a demo where you could only play as Jun or Lei which I played to death.

Of the earlier games, I think TTT is my favorite overall. It’s accessible and still has great pacing even today.

I appreciate 5 for just how many characters they crammed in, and that it remained fairly balanced and easy for people to pick up and play. The speed increase threw me off at first but I have never had so much fun with the series.

I basically sat 6 out because it seemed unnecessary, but I’ve been emulating the PSP version for a few days and I’ve come to appreciate the Rage mechanic, it certainly makes things more interesting for spectators (which I guess was the whole point judging by the Tekken 7 trailer?).

Any Tekken 7 players add me on steam! (annetts) I have 0 friends and my gf has hijacked the account to play ungodly amounts of Cities Skylines but I will make time for the King of Iron Fist!


It’s a bare bones version (only arcade mode/2p versus, no customization) but yes


for the love of god man go to http://steamcommunity.com/groups/selectbutton and join (I’ll add you) and add everybody you see. you’ll have 200 friends in no time!


Someone datamined Tekken 7 and found a lot of Tekken characters in there that aren’t in the game. Some say it could be future DLC, some think it’s leftovers from previous games in the code. EDIT: It has been said that past Tekken characters will not be made available as paid DLC… So that only leaves free DLC or you’re out of luck :frowning:


Please ignore my previous post with all the Tekken guides. Here’s the only one you need:


That’s a gold mine


I have this game.

On ps4.

I am winkerwatson.

Fight me.



One pro tip I can give when you’re trying to learn combos and can’t get the timing down is to go to display settings in practice mode and turn on Recovery Animation. It shows you your input windows


If it weren’t for the 60gb download i’d be playing by now. My debut is approaching.


Yeah this game is really big and I don’t really know why!


btw my girlfriend got jealous because she thought you’re a girl and I was talking to you. She was like “she looks like she’s about to cum” to which I replied “WTF you talking about, this is Jill Valentine”

So uncultured.


Bruce Lee and Jill Valentine would have godly children.


That’s how I imagine Jacky and Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter came to be


https://www.twitch.tv/blueblackpurple now live with “Doing the same Combo over and over until I get it right 10 times in a row”

This is going to take a while… Record so far: 6 times. That took me 2 hours of practice today


watch for at least a minute from 1:11 on

I just had to loooool


I agree and yet feel like Tekken 7 is everybody’s best option right now. Maybe that latest Guilty Gear is up my ally too but I just don’t know about it…


I can’t be bothered with fighting games that use more than four buttons anymore.


I actually had to check how many buttons guilty gear uses and now I know it’s 5 plus taunt button. In case someone reading this doesn’t know: Tekken uses 4, Virtua Fighter just 3

And yeah, on the topic of GG(XRD): The tutorial was hyped to me by various sources as being the best ever in a fighting game. Then I tried it out for a couple of minutes and didn’t like it at all. I know it’s cool that it’s “teaching by allegory” or whatever but it’s just not my cup of tea. I still think the VF games had the right idea. And Tekken’s is just, well, non-existent. Basically.

Maybe I just have to give GGXRD’s tutorial another chance, I don’t know