Tekken 7


Is there a thread about it?

I’m playing it since yesterday and it’s really fun. I never paid much attention to Tekken, especially after I read Tim’s crushing article on one of the latter games, some years ago. Tekken was Tekken 3 to me and I enjoyed that, the way kids enjoy fighting games. Doing couch vs. and playing alone to unlock all the characters’ cutscenes. That was the thing back in the days. But then came Virtua Fighter 4 and I was hooked on 3D fighting games. That was a real breakthrough. Endlessly strategic, totally fair, rewarding skill at all times, etc. But it never had the cinematic feel that the Dead or Alives or Tekkens had.


Tekken 7 is here and it doesn’t suck. It might be my second favorite 3D fighting game. Or, well, fighting game in general. Keep in mind I’m not a FG nerd. I’ve played a little bit of a lot of games out there but I was never INTO them (except VF). Now’s the first time that I want to play competitively online. I want to get good at this game.

So, share your Tekken 7 opinions here or let’s meet up online to see who is King of Ironfist Tournament! (or rather whoop my ass and tell me how to get better, that would very much be appreciated.)

I’ve got some Tekken 7 videos here if you want to see the story mode (first two videos) or me losing pretty hard online (third video). https://www.twitch.tv/blueblackpurple/collections


Ha, it’s funny because VF4 was also the first fighting game to really grab my attention, and I also find myself drawn to Tekken 7. Played a bit of it in the arcade when I was in Japan earlier this year and it just felt right to me as a filthy casual, but I haven’t had the time or money to pick it up on console yet. Soon™.


Get it on PC if you can. Load times are shorter (and this is important because they’re already pretty long (but stomachable)) And matchmaking isn’t broken as it is on console. They are working on a fix, I guess/hope but there’s no word on when it will come.

At first I didn’t want to get it because the practice mode doesn’t teach you the systems of the game. It’s decent enough for learning the moves but that’s it. Then I looked up an hour of youtube videos on the game and I got all the info I needed. I now know all the mechanics I’m supposed to know. Of course mastering them is another story but I’m positive it can be done without ingame help.

You can have fun as a filthy casual though! I am one (except for VF4). And I enjoyed the story mode, I like the treasure hunting mode where you beat up people for epic loot. No, not really, it’s just silly hats and stuff. It’s got some useful character customization options in there, too.

Online play is great! I get crushed, most of the time but I’m enjoying my time anyway. It’s just so much fun to play the damn thing.


I know this isn’t part of the topic, but Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is a real game inside Yakuza 6, right? And it’s 2p versus, yeah?


I never had a PS4 so I don’t know :frowning:


love these moments! It’s gonna kill! It’s not gonna kill! haha


I always hated Tekken. VF was my thing. I played so much VF4:Evo by my lonesome. I bought a Virtua Stick High Grade so I could play VF5…like the pros…by my lonesome. And yeah, VF5:FS is in Yakuza 6. When that game comes out everyone come over my place for a tourney. I love VF, and still don’t really know how to play it, but I bet I’ll win. Come on over next year and prove me wrong, people.

So yeah, never liked Tekken, but I love 7 to a dangerous to degree. I can’t tell you what they did to make it more accessible than the previous games, cuz they didn’t even appeal to me at a basic level, but I found it way easier to just get in here and do shit than I ever did before. Even though it doesn’t have a tutorial. I can’t believe they didn’t include a tutorial.

I’m really lazy and leaving out stuff like a tutorial or combo trials can be a huge dealbreaker for me, but Tekken 7 feels good enough that I’m making the effort to learn how to play “properly”. It hasn’t been as painful as expected. Here are some resources I’ve been using:

I have this notation guide open at all times. There’s no way I’ll ever memorize all this stuff, cuz Tekken notation is dumb as hell.

Someone threw together an introductory/“which character suits you?” guide that seems pretty good to me, a guy who doesn’t really know Tekken. Someday I’m going to learn how to play King but for now I’m taking it “easy”, which means I’ve settled for Jack-7 cosplaying as a NJPW Young Lion and Kazumi cosplaying as Ryuji Yamakawa’s Li’l Sister in corpse paint.

You have so many moves in Tekken. It’s probably good to go through your character’s move list a few times to get a feel for their toolset. But fuck that, I ain’t got the time to figure things out by myself, because:

That’s why this list of top 15 best moves per character is so handy. Not the most well written or formatted list, and some characters’ movesets lack decent descriptions, but it shouldn’t be hard to take that list into training mode and spend 10 minutes figuring out when you should be using that shit. I got pretty far just doing like 7 moves. That’s less than 50% of a top 15! Wow. The list also includes framedata. Framedata is very important. It shouldn’t be scary. I can’t even remember my phone number but I have a general idea of what is/isn’t safe on the characters I play, and that helps a ton.

I wasn’t really sure how I should be getting up off the ground. I was blocking low non-stop. I was so confused by this whole game beyond hitting and kicks. This guide helped a bit and there was some video that I can’t find now but it told me “just hold back while you’re getting juggled and mash 1 when you land.” That helped. I was trying to recover all wrong!

EDIT: I think this was the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onfgm7ifwhQ

A list of beginner combos. I bet you can find better, and possibly easier, combos by checking out the Tekken Zaibatsu character forums but with this list you don’t gotta dig.

This site has frame data, though I’m not sure how accurate it is. Pretty sure there are mobile frame data apps available now too. This is good for the future. You don’t need it when you’re starting out!

Anyway, everyone buy Tekken 7 on PC and fight me. This is my ID. I love fighting all the time.

Earlier I watched some New Japan Pro Wrestling boys have a Tekken tournament. It was really dumb but I enjoyed watching these muscle men play a game badly. I was impressed that they didn’t just walk forward and mash buttons 100% of the time – sometimes they just stood still, which is a form of “mind games”, or, as the I believe the Japanese call it, “yomi”. They must teach that shit in school over there. Though nothing was as impressive as the Funky Weapon sexing up his Katarina’s costume to distract his horny opponents. That may be “The Ultimate Yomi”.



I have been playing Tekken 7 when I can. Working a lot right now but I am on the PS4 if any body wants to throw down.

Been enjoying it very much but I enjoy every Tekken so maybe I am biased.


WTF man, I didn’t know I was fighting YOU!?! What an honor! Guess what, I went down to check my mail last week for the first time in months and there was a letter from you! I had totally forgotten the connection between asking you to send me something and actually checking my mailbox for it. So it must have sat there for weeks or months. Because I never check my mailbox. I never get any important mail. No bills or nothing. Now I have your letter and I’m too scared to open it. What if there’s like a super sweet drawing in it and I’m gonna cry? What if there is none and I’m gonna cry? So my social anxiety now goes as far as not being able to open letters. Exciting developments. I thank you so much. It’s got awesome DC stamps! :heart_eyes:

What’s on the docket for me today is learning all my character’s moves. I’m going to bust out the little memorization cards and write them all down and then memorize them all. He’s got over a hundred moves. So this is like that time when I tried to learn the Dao de Jing. But then I failed and this time I’ll succeed. Because it’s vidyagames y’all.

My character is Marshall Law and I didn’t need a guide to pick him. Shit’s obvious. Although what helped was seeing a chart where they graded how easy a character is to learn from easy to intermediate to hard and he scored easy. If he would have been super difficult to learn like that Street Fighter Bruce Lee character Fei Long I would have passed.

But that guide is really good. It told me that I have one of the best launchers in the game. But it doesn’t tell me which one it is. Gotta do some sleuthing on that.

As far as combos go, I’m not even allowed into combo land right now. Because you’ve got to be THIS tall. I’m lucky I know how to tech roll. I need to work on the basics and try to get the moves to come out that I’m inputing. I need to learn when to block and when to sidestep. (You apparently don’t do much sidestepping in this game, as opposed to VF, which trips me up.)

It’s kinda sad that tekkenzaibatsu doesn’t have anything on Tekken 7 yet. Like, if you go to this page there’s nothing there (yet): http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/wiki/Tekken_7

So you have to piece it together from various websites.

Hey, that’s Rip! He’s the Law player in the video I linked above. He wins the tournament. Spoiler.


There’s no crossplay, is there?




That’s a real shame

I forgot to link my steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037686677/

That’s me. Fight me, I use rage arts like it’s a panic button


Here’s a video on that. They based it on the guide.

Oh never mind, it’s linked in the guide itself. Ooops


I’ll probably be picking this up on PC sometime soon, would be great to play with you all. I usually pick Asuka or Jun (R.I.P).

I can’t speak to 7, but Tekken move lists are usually a little deceptive in that a lot of actions are just the first 1 or 2 stages of a 10 hit combo so once you learn the combo strings you’re halfway there because you can end most combos early.


welcome to the SB Tekken 7 Team! :wink: We will certainly play. I’ve already played with 2 SBers, which is more than I ever got to do with other games (sad face)


welcome to the SB Tekken 7 Team! :wink: We will certainly play. I’ve already played with 2 SBers, which is more than I ever got to do with other games (sad face) (No wait, there was Max Payne 3, never mind)



And Worms!


This game is so good, guys


I’m gonna oldman the shit out of this thread right here.

Tekken 7 is trash.

Tekken was stupid and floaty.
Tekken 2 made it better.
Tekken 3 made it good.
TTT made it real good.
Tekken 4 was interesting, but too slow, and not very popular.
Tekken 5 introduced a bunch of characters who were dancy like Eddy, weakened the top tier characters, sped up the matches, and overall kind of worked but wasn’t as interesting as 4. You can still kind of play it like 3.
Tekken 6 was fine.
TTT2 was Tekken 6 with every character, and was kind of great again.
Tekken 7 makes everything even dancier, takes out some of the better characters and makes it so many of the pre-5 playstyles just plain don’t work.

The game immediately before it was much much better, and I kind of hate the regressive bullshit, and dancy garbage, and Imma sit this one out.