2day in Tea, I drink some stuff from a little shiny bag I don’t remember from what it was. Like our own baby boy @OneSecondBefore, this was included with an order as a gift, but I couldn’t read the note’s handwriting very well so I don’t know what it is. Let’s get to the bottom of it, what kind of tea is this, what does it know?

I will boil it.

The wet leaves are smellin’ real rocky. The juice has a nice slight green tint to the gold. It tastes warm and thick, not bright, not buttery, not grassy.

After the inital steeps and the intense stuff is out of the way, I just start drinking half the kitty and refilling over and over - giving it maybe a minute and half each time. Maybe ten times or whatever. It is my liquid sweater and I am riding a virtual train in the mountains.


verdict: mmm, minerals, ain’t nobody could dislike a taste. This tea is real good I wish I knew what it was.


a nice cat


check this out, nevermind that jin xuan oolong is the last ingredient, it tastes great, wheat-y + butter with a greenish but not very vinegary tang.


Is there a regular schedule where foreign products enter the US market as ‘superfoods’ and medicinal but over years they become just food?

Waiting to be able to buy kombucha without shame


measured in hummus-years


i learned two days ago that there is a thing in japan called kombu cha

anybody ever drank that? seems maybe too dank for just 1 boy.


For some reason, the idea of kombucha makes my stomache churn. I like fermeted things, I like tea, but apparently I do not like fermented tea.



i’m still waiting for my damn gaiwan

Kanye West, Yeezus: hurry up with my damn gaiwan!


lovely little teacups and some long jing. I like it


not a huge tea buff but something I’ve enjoyed last winter was Greek ironwort herbal tea. Posting this as a reminder to pick some up again.


Having a nice toasty bag-tea raspberry hibiscus herbal to warm up (like some plebian).


drinking a bigelow earl grey with mondo honey. good 4 throat :+1:



really like the vendor recommendations at the end of this. esp this one:



Looks like verdant tea sells tea from Shandong, which is pretty far north for tea growing! I had some tea grown there awhile ago, not sure if it was the same farm, but it was really special.


check these sweet pics of the best tea in the world


great pictures, reminded me of this article:


good read. this same guy has some more pics that he took of the razing around da yu ling a few years ago, too.


wow dragon well tastes so much better with bottled water than with my crap tap water, which is so hard it consistently leaves stains in my pots. who knew!

i wish brita filters weren’t $20+


still cheaper than bottled water in the long run y aknow

plus… planet’s dyin [from overuse of plastics] cloud


yeah I wasn’t gonna say anything until someone else did but my eyebrow had been twitching after reading that post