Pu-er is rad. It tastes like like drinking fresh soil full of tiny seedlings. In a really good way.


That’s a great way of describing it. I’d say it can taste like mushroom broth with no salt. Part of me wants to be someone who can look at a puck and tell you if it’s good or not. The other part of me doesn’t have time to get involved with it. These dueling sides are the angel and demon on my shoulders.


I like earl grey or rooibos and that’s it


Big fan of various pu-er teas and also dark tea, which is kinda halfway between pu er and black tea


my favorite tea is Harney and Sons’ Paris. It’s “black tea, oolong tea, black currant flavor, vanilla flavor, bergamot oil, caramel flavor,” it’s really good despite having bergamot in it (i detest earl grey). I also really like Irish breakfast – it’s like almost as “heavy” to me as coffee, but not quite. Those are the two I drink the most.

Oh! Lemongrass tea is pretty good, too. I used to order stuff from some site called Adagio or something and people could make their own teas that other people could buy. I wish I could afford that stuff still. I love tea with chunks of fruit.

I used to have this thing for loose leaf tea, it was pretty convenient for making a single cup of tea when you have samplers and stuff.


really appreciating how quickly this thread’s taken off

i dug up some rooibos bags at the back of my cupboard so that’s what i’m sipping atm. in terms of actual tea i mostly have this masala chai my ex makes, but i like a nice cup of green or oolong if it’s going. don’t tell anyone but i have some stuff from T2 that’s genmaicha with like, praline bits in it. it’s trashy but it’s yum


stash factory store is very close to where I work, and they have a wall of loose teas in quantity that I can at least sniff before I buy so I just default to them

I haven’t had tea from a bag in years I’m that guy, I’m the lowest of the low, I’m sorry

this is my staple tea:

that’s all


Tea snob also here. I’ve got Lapsang Souchong and Pu’er for the nostalgia smell and taste; the former is a campfire and the latter is a hot summer’s day near a shed filled with dusty hay/straw. I drink Earl Gray on the regular and Japanese Sencha when that runs low or I’m hankering for a green tea. Oolong is fantastic but I can only drink the milk teas sparingly because I find them too sweet. I have brewed the perfect white tea occasionally.

I also have a sampler of garlic black tea I purchased because I asked my ‘dealer’ (now defunct, rip Miss Jenny’s Tea Place ;-; ) for the oddest thing she had in stock.


this week been getting down on a night-time decaf made with twinnings decaf bags and 3/1 milk/water + just like some cloves & cardamom & cinnamon + this squeezy tube of ginger paste we have in the fridge + glorp of honey

my wife got me this big ass cup image from target that’s like a cereal bowl with a handle I drink it in that


I bought a fucking puck of pu-erh from some specialty place once, after dwelling Generic Tea Place X offerings for a while. It was very good! Then I took a long look at my personality and life and made a conscious decision to not destroy my life becoming a pu-erh person.

I mean, I just destroyed my life becoming other kinds of person, but


OH SHIT, YES, ROOIBOS! I love rooibos tea so much i suggested this girl i used to know years ago name her new cat “Rooibos”, and she did, so there’s a cat out there called ‘Rooibos’ because of my love for that tea. the smell and taste reminds me of like, how some cigars smell before they’re smoked. it’s divine.


don’t throw your life away friends


never allow your children to speak to anyone who uses the term pumidor


Not reading the rest of this thread yet, but

Did not realize David’s sold teas that don’t come with either dissolvable sugar bits or cacao nibs in


just picturing the me that needs to solicite donations for butt health and meanwhile has a packed mini fridge full of crumbling tea pucks

trying to decide if they’re worth reselling to other puckheads

“in another six months I’ll be out from under this debt and I can buy or build a bigger space for my tea collection”


“yeah it was such a good deal I had to take it! didn’t have anywhere to store a disc of tea the size of my torso so I wrapped it in a tarp and buried it underneath my mother’s tomatoes”


ok though


straight up:

I use a kyusu to brew oolong all the time



look at this little cutie tho


I been using a soy sauce dispenser that is shaped like a cat, recently


the best cat is a fake cat