Maybe you’re just supposed to hold it to your face by gripping the joycons, and control the game that with them too?


that’s so stupid it has to be true


hoping they’ll release one of these


because mine broke a year after I bought it on Meijer clearance for thirty US dollars and I’ve been propping it on couch pillows ever since


seriously though this is the most Virtual Boy-ass thing they’ve done in years


I’ve been playing the switch for a while now and I’m still asking myself the same question I had before getting the switch:

Why would anyone ever play the switch docked? I don’t get it


It would be cute of them to secretly put download codes for Virtual Boy games in the box for this


by cute i think you mean

utterly essential


I personally find the form factor terrible for a handheld. Every time I use it this way I get hand cramps. I mostly play docked with an arcade stick (I mostly play arcade archives and such on my switch).


I just want to play metroid prime on that thing tbh


I drive everywhere because Ohio, so I have no use for a portable. I’m only ever playing games at home, and if I’m at home, I’m sitting on the couch using my TV rather than being hunched over a tiny screen.


Multiplayer with actual physical human animals


it’s nice playing games on a big screen sometimes idk


I mean, I think this conversation shows how amazing the Switch really is. It’s a perfectly serviceable home console that doubles as a perfectly serviceable portable device, at least for short bursts.

I tend to be 50/50. I play a lot of Tetris/Mario Kart with my wife on the TV, but I play portable when I’m playing solo for the most part so that I am not taking up the TV, or I just want to play for like, 5 minutes at a time.

I’ll also bring the Switch up to the office sometimes and play between tasks.

It’s a good machine.


I found the kickstand form factor totally unusable when a friend brought theirs by recently but the handheld and the TV connection are no brainers


I played some rounds of smash bros using the kick stand with my brother recently and it was fine

it’s a definitely flimsy and should be better built but I’ve never had it fall down unless I’m like actively rocking the table that it’s sitting on

I wonder if there’s some variance with how sturdy it is between units


I just meant that I could not figure out a comfortable height or distance to look at it when it was like that


yeah I don’t think it works well for extended play of anything


Ya’ll just don’t have the right peripherals!


having had a magnifier thingy for my OG Game Boy as a kid, I know that that’s a quick and surefire way to fuck your eyes up, so nothankyou.jpg


I hope that has a light built powered by plugging it into the USB port