lol if only it were a G5

it was technically more a dozen G3s, I don’t think it even had out of order execution


fuck that’s right

I got it twisted with the 360 using PowerMacs as early dev kits



Cool. I always felt the current Switch, while good, has a distinctly “minimum viable product” feel. It will be nice to get a polished, sleeker version of it.


I’m hoping one of these new models is a nice mini version.


Given the Armored Core pedigree, I wouldn’t count on it running perfectly on anything.


i wonder if they care enough about labo compatibility that any new version of the switch would have roughly the same form factor? like it would be weird if the low powered version that is aimed at kids(?) wouldn’t work with that stuff but it would also be very nintendo


If it doesn’t have detachable joycons or rumble, then it is already not compatible with Labo, since most of the toycons need at least one of those things to work


are there any switch ports that feature a scanline filter that looks right in both docked and undocked modes? can you force it to output 720p instead of 1080p when docked?

can switch games not actually meaningfully tell/change when docked/undocked? like, none of them seem to make UI elements larger when undocked and that seems both universally desired and not that difficult?


they definitely can, it’s just that UI scaling is forever a “nice to have” feature

increasingly many small to mid budget PC titles are just unplayable other than at like, 1080p with an average or below average DPI


phantasy star I guess, at least if you aren’t playing in full screen


It’ll be a bit before I can check docked scanlines but you can force 720p from system settings


I don’t think so


i swear that hollow knight’s sprites have an outline of absolute pixel width, they look so much thicker undocked


Yeah, sharp-looking ink outlines on screens are remarkably complicated to achieve, it’s one of the reasons why text rendering is so complex and still doesn’t use the GPU for much

My best guess is that it’s not strictly speaking absolute, but has a “snap to the nearest full pixel width” adjustment, which could make a big difference when there are not enough pixels


The main thing I have seen is graphical effects like reflections being switched off in portable mode, and I think some of the Sega Ages games adjust the background wallpaper to fit depending on whether it is portable or docked


alright, I home now

yes, you can force 480p and 720p

I’ve got Sega Ages TFIV and Arcade Archives Money Idol Exchanger kicking around

Sega Ages has just a single “scanline on” option (though you can have it with smoothing on or off)



AA Neo Geo stuff has 5 levels of scanline intensity (1-5) and two different modes, A (smoothing with scanlines) and B (smoothing with scanlines and a rolling refresh effect every so often as if you had a video camera pointed at it). both filters are actually heavy enough that the game slows down undocked. there’s no option for scanlines with raw-ass pixels. the screenshots below are with the A5 filter, giving the thickest lines (I AM HORNY FOR THICC LINES). the 3 intensity is probably the sanest pick but I ain’t going back for more screens:



also pretend that my capture card can do 480p and I have those shots in there and they look nice or something


for the sake of hilarity, MIE with 100% size and ratio, 720p and also captured from raw-ass video files done with the actual software for the card:

no screen filter



also everything I’m posting looks real good undocked tbh


Well soon you’ll be able to examine those scanlines up reeeeeal close

Free update for Mario Odyssey with a few mini VR levels.
Free update for Zelda BotW to let you play the whole game in VR. Not actually sure how this one will work though? In the trailer it looks like the camera is being controlled smoothly with the regular analogue stick and not through motion tracking your head movements like one would expect with a VR title. Is it just going to be sterescopic 3D and nothing else?

Actually, that’s another thing. All the motion stuff is just in the Joycons, right? There’s none of it in the screen console itself? Does that mean you need an extra controller to play these while your Joycon pair is attached to your face?


I’d love the solution to be putting your switch flat on a table, resting your head upon it so your hands are free