me playing Cactus in portable mode: this is so beautiful, I love it

me after playing Cactus in portable mode for 15 minutes of cramping: Truly, the true nature of man is that of a beast of hubris, as if every one of us were Icarus flying to the sun


The Switch has inaugurated a new silver age of cramping (the golden age was Trauma Center on the DS)


I have a logitech bluetooth mouse that works extremely well

I also tether LTE over bluetooth to my macbook and that always works without any issues

but every other experience with bluetooth has been an enormous pain lol


I have a pair of bluetooth headphones that have worked well over two phones. And my car bluetooth thing works fine. Maybe I am just the lucky dude who doesn’t have issues with bluetooth? IDK.


Captain Toad has a real two player mode now. It isn’t split screen, but it’s adorable so we’ll muddle through. Also the second player is a blue Toad which canonically may be the true Toad.


My gf and I have been playing through the new co-op mode too. It’s pretty low effort but it does make the game a lot more fun for us. It basically just drops a second player on the screen and keeps everything else exactly the same. It’s a chill enough game that it doesn’t really matter that the game design wasn’t meant for 2.


it should be illegal for every game not to have a 2p mode like this


So I THINK this means that if you download the currently running Splatoon 2 demo that will be going until next week then Nintendo will also send you a 7 day trial to Switch Online via e-mail?

Good if you don’t have it and just want to give Tetris 99 a try?


You can get a free 7-day trial regardless, odds are this one doesn’t require payment details to be on file


I’m jealous. Idk if this game is going to be on another platform


Yeah I thought that was one of the more interesting ones revealed today.


a bunch of it looked cool

but i feel like necrodancer zelda is practically the coolest move nintendo has ever made


I was like “this is just Hyper Light Drifter” and then I was like “oh. Breakout??”



Roughly on par with Sega handing over the reigns for Sonic Mania


fuck a grid

but also great sprites


Do you hear the phone ringing?



Pls have 14nm tegra pls have 14nm tegra


it would be astonishing if not given we’re months away from 7

but then again arms is almost playable on 4 cores in yuzu and there’s nothing else I want a switch for still


From the people who brought you a piece of consumer electronics in 2012 using a power-starved PPC G5 cooled with a 40mm fan comes…

I mostly want better performance for Daemon X Machina, which runs like trash albeit as a beta/demo.