oh my god this is so cute



this was okay and then I got to the left wall


the dropped ceiling is man’s greatest mistake


Nice to run cables in though


absorbs sound, regulates temperature

aesthetically fairly unfortunate and supports the crime of flourescents, though


I don’t know how you can say this when the Switch’s “d-pad” is prominently displayed in these photos


Speaking of the d-pad, I’m getting a switch and want to buy a hori joycon day 1.

Now, the western Hori joycons all look bad, while the original japanese blue one looks great. But I remember the japanese one had issues. Are they fixed now? And would a japanese joycon even work with an european switch?


AFAIK all the Hori dpads are the same and the battery drain issues were fixed in a Switch firmware release late last year

I’ve got a blue Japanese one and can attest that mine doesn’t binge on power anymore


why are they only compatible with portable mode

are there any remotely decent d-pad joycons that work in detached mode?


I’m not aware of any pre-made third-party joycons with wireless d-pads, but I’ve seen people mod the official Nintendo ones.


Probably because bluetooth is a flaky pain in the ass and Hori didn’t want to triple their cost to promise a feature that might still not work properly 100% of the time


Nintendo is also notorious for using weird quasi-bluetooth instead of just… fucking standard bluetooth

Sony also does this, though at least you can use standard bluetooth peripherals with a ps4

MS is the only one who seems to bother at all, and even then they didn’t bother until the second revision of the xbone controller


Lol which one

Seems to me bluetooth variants where both ends are controlled by the same manufacturer is the only model that’s reliable at all, and bluetooth “standardization” has been a fiasco. I wouldn’t blame any individual vendor for this state of affairs (although it might be worth blaming vendors as a whole)


I dunno, my xbone controller works fine as a bluetooth gamepad using my no-name bt dongle


every bluetooth product I’ve ever used has been essentially expensive garbage that I had to buy to earn the right to throw it away.


Isn’t that pretty late? I believe my Xbox One controller doesn’t have it and the newer model added it around 2016, 2017

I had to get an official Microsoft Xbox One PC Wireless Dongle (not the Xbox 360 Wireless Dongle I already owned). Then another because the first was flaky from the get-go and broke entirely after a year


there is actually good generic bluetooth hardware (I’ve been doing 90% of my computer audio that way since 2013, and I’ve been using a bluetooth xbone pad on PC since they started making them, with generic hardware and zero complaints), the main problem is that you get what you pay for, and in the stupidest possible way: the difference between a “good” bluetooth radio and a flaky bluetooth radio has to be like, 50 cents of manufacturing cost, but it makes a massive difference to the usability of a product, and you often see corners cut on what would otherwise instinctively seem like decent-value hardware. and it matters for both the “host” and the client.


and the very sorry state of generic bluetooth hardware is also why e.g. airpods can get away with seeming like a good value purely on the basis of actually working despite being so exorbitantly expensive

(no I don’t have airpods I’m not in the tank for apple that badly)


if 8bitdo can create an in-house cottage industry over taking old controllers and shoving analog sticks in them and having those work on the Switch over BT, I have my doubts that Nintendo is doing anything too crazy with their interpretation

also it’s portable only because the assumption is if you want a dpad while not in portable mode, there’s a hojillion controllers for that, where as no one is making officially licensed third party joycons