So keen to see what Takahisa Taura pulls off with this.


Managed to get 6th place on Tetris 99 this morning. Dunno what the strats are but it feels good to switch the auto target to KO after about the 50 player mark and get those sweet KO badges.


The badges are so important, as they determine how much you can dump on other people.

I managed to get a 1st place last night by turning Hard Drop off. This kills me, but I just can’t do well with how easy it is to accidentally hit Up on the dpads of Switch controllers.


Oooooh, thanks so much for this. I seriously couldn’t figure out the correlation between how much my screen flashed when clearing lines and how many badges I had. I was thinking a passive approach was the best.


If you look on the bottom right, there is a XXXX% indicator. What this is actually showing is how much extra trash you are dumping on others when you send trash. I think it goes up 25% for each badge you finish? could be more or less, but I haven’t been able to pay too much attention to it due to playing the game. It maxes at 100%, so each line you send off gets doubled.


Nice, thanks for the tips! Got a ton of badges from others attacking me at the beginning and upped my % a bunch to seal a win!


I’d like to know which one of you is Cheeks on my friend list? DM me if you want to keep it private.


It’s me! Did my Mii do something lewd

I love winning and I love this game even though I’m not sure it’s an actually “good” game. It’s still Tetris and it’s playable so that means it’s the best.


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Wait I thought you were “Hi”


I think that’s notbov. I am Cheeks and my code is SW-7011-1439-9716.


Ah, I already have you both then it seems
(I am chimbuku)


Haha no. I just wanted to put an avatar to an avatar.





That’s probably why I thought it was Bachelor




Reminder for mostly Euro Switch owners but maybe also some Americs?: You can get gold Nintendo points (which can be used to buy anything in the eshop) from physical Switch games by simply inserting them into the system, going into the game options and into the “My Nintendo Rewards Programme" point.

Unlike in most regions where points can only be claimed for games released within the past year, in Europe this applies to game released with two years. This means that the entire Switch library is still eligible for this bonus until March 3 in roughly two weeks when Breath of the Wild and others start off the wave unclaimable points. Hurry, act now or let your 60 cents for each 60€ be gone forever!

I may have written all this before looking into just how many point you can actually earn :pangya_puke:

If you do have points remember that they only last for 1 year before going away as well.


Yeah for some reason you seem to get drastically less points for physical copies.

Nintendo also tends to give double points if you buy first party games on the eShop early, thanks to that I got Phantasy Star for free