I didn’t like BOTW or Odyssey! I’ll never have fun and you can’t make me!


Hi five!


Anybody pick up dragon marked for death


Someone got a poster for it at QoP.


I bought the Dargon

I made a witch

playing a witch is liking predicting math for the future


yes i bought it! i also translated it and tested it before release

i might have some tips? check in with the npcs in town from time to time, they’ll open some optional quests as you progress


is you translating it why I see so much casual profanity

don’t take this as a criticism, it’s actually nice to see common folk speak the vernacular


it was a thing i tried to do! since we figured the blood would get the game a T rating i wanted to use some T for Teen swears where appropriate

i’m a believer in swears as valid speech, dammit


also is one of your tips about not soloing with witch because I’ve already figured that one out


yeah, i wouldn’t recommend it at first

shinobi seems well suited for it though!


Man, that big glowing instant death head combined with that (hopefully) final block rotating puzzle in the second world of Travis Strikes Again is perhaps too much to deal with!

I found all the extra 1-ups in the exploded guy’s house and I still couldn’t sort it out.


congratulations Inticreates

you’ve successfully Pavlov’d me into attacking every chest and running back when I open one


I feel like a stooge but I’ve been playing that new Mario Odyssey. I enjoy it so far! After Galaxy I thought I was sort of done with these games, that was the one which started off with you leading some kind of feudal-ass procession down to the toad castle from M64, and all the character models were weirdly glossy like they’d been glazed or something, and there were 100 npcs and none of them said anything funny or that cute, and every piece of scenery spit out jubjubs all over the screen and you had to wave your hand constantly to pick them up. And it just felt like such a weirdly charmless corporate pageant even before you got to star world and had to watch a bunch of cutscenes introducing all the different types of locks that you’d put keys in. And the levels were alright but kind of sterile and bland in that filed-off-all-the-edges design guru ethos way. So I was pleasantly surprised when this one had a perfunctory and pretty affectless intro cutscene and then immediately dumped you into this beta-feeling monochrome silent ghost world in a way which felt pleasingly off model.

I’m in the sand land now and it’s starting to feel more busy and sometimes bizarre in an oblivious way. I just dressed Mario up in a sombrero and poncho, so that he could get into a “party”, which turned out to be a big square room of skeleton people wiggling on the spot and shaking maracas, and then there was a cutscene where he pulled out a guitar and played a mariachi version of the Mario theme song and they all clapped, idk. I do like the feeling that they’ve spent so much time chasing the vibe of a gamespace with lowlevel constant shifts in perspective, style and controls that they can be confident dropping that stuff in and out without making a huge deal about how this is the Special Sidescrolling Level or similar.

The rabbit people are cute!


mario odyssey is one of the best games I’ve played in a very long time. it’s very deliberately a follow up to sunshine/64. if I understand, internally they view the galaxy games as almost like a different subfranchise or something


Is (the) Super Mario 3D World (series) part of either of those?


idk, I think tim mentioned this when he was talking about mario galaxy somewhere. I think 3D World/Land is also its own thing akin to new super mario bros?


Nintendo please release 3D Mario games at the New Mario pace.


monkey’s paw finger closes


Oh no I meant Mario 3D not 3D Mario.


Kamiya said blue lives matter