that’s why we still have cable tv


Even better, nearly 40


Every movie that came out after I turned 19 is pretty new. Them’s the rules.


NES games and Harryhausen films were core building blocks of my childhood. What kind of movies were you younger cats watching as 8 year olds? Did you graduate straight from Elmo’s World to Dark City and Final Destination 3 or something?


I bet you never had an Arch Deluxe.


oh wow, way to open up that old wound

I just want a burg with ranch mustard on it


that was my favorite thing mcdonalds has ever made

I was like 13




I had a buddy that worked at McDonald’s and would sneak me little cups of Arch Sauce, the Sauce for Grown Ups.


God damn I miss the Arch Deluxe



yo this is the shit that Controller Companion was made for, it automatically turns off for full-screen games but switches to an Xbox 360-controlled mouse once the game is closed. And it has a keyboard too.

Also this rules.



excited to buy this for real and not in an unauthorized bundle


Travis Strikes Again/killer7 crossover

My bad take is that TSA is an okay holdover until another “mainline” NMH game is released, with nice music and throwbacks to Grasshopper Manufacture universe stuff, but is limited and repetitive enough to have fit in better as a minigame in NMH 1 or 2 rather than sold as a separate retail game.


Marble It UPDATE!


Now that there are rumors of BOTW 2 is anyone ready to admit its boring and that the world would be better off with a Switch sequel to Link Between Worlds?


Nah, shovel that Breath of Majora goop right down my gullet.

A Link Between Worlds thing not in Link to the Past-space wouldn’t be a bad thing to break things up with first though.


BOTW has so much down time its impossible for me to play. It literally get mad at the game for making me like walk for five minutes to a rock.

But the bigger issue is that open world and adventure are genres which don’t actually go that well together. Open world maximalist rpgs are much better, and, mechanically, BOTW feels too empty to justify all the space and time it takes up.

I made the rather controversial argument that as a game, Skyrim is better on account of there just being more stuff (systems) whose accoutrements can fill up the world. I think I was playing BOTW for maybe an hour or two before I just stopped giving a shit about any item I could find and thus stopped giving a shit about exploring.


I disagree with nearly all your points because I found BOTW absolutely delightful and I was carried through the entire game by my desire to explore that world. It’s full of weird little nooks and crannies and the fact that the map isn’t filled with bullshit and sidequests doesn’t hurt it, but rather elevates it above its contemporaries.

What did Link Between Worlds do so well? I thought it was fine, but I barely remember anything from it! The item shop was neat, but I didn’t think that made the game play much differently than the other 2D Zeldas.