I think the main reason for a DQ character to not get included already is because Sugiyama


The Prestidigitator joins the fight!!



None of the power up guns in Heavy Burger feel right enough to give you any sudden sense of control of whatever mess is going on on screen. This took me by surprise but I think I like it.


Switch Outrun has a YM2151 version of my favorite track on the Genesis port


does anyone want to get in on a nintendo online family subscription

w 8 ppl, it wld be $4.30 US/ $6.80 AU each for a 1 yr sub



Switch Smash apparently doesn’t have a version of Smash Run and I’m sad/pissed about it because IMO it is the best form of what HAL tried to do with Kirby Air Ride’s City Trial mode and it works so well as something to play on a handheld.


i’d be keen. gonna ask my lil brother if he wants in too?


switch family plans are the most wholesome scam


Bought a family plan for my bros and downloaded the Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Nintendo Switch Online. I’ve decided that video games got good around 1991.


Blatantly false and you’re just trying to get a rise out of people so I’m not falling for it!


I only like the handful of NES games that are designed around the input limitations, e.g. Mario, Balloon Fight, or RPGs. I get irritated with anything that isn’t hiding behind physics or menus.

My first exposure to most NES games was using a Gameshark with Animal Crossing.


it’s so sad that future generations won’t carry with them the expectation of having been exhaustively exposed to the entire history of the medium from childhood


When I was a projectionist the old guys gave me shit because I hadn’t seen specifically Clash of the Titans (remake was coming out) because they’d familiarized themselves with the canon and they actually took a beat when I told them it was harder because the canon has 30 more years of movies for me.

RIP Filmstruck, I never got around to using the student rate


this is bullshit of them because Clash of the Titans wasn’t even a particularly old movie at that point (it was 81) and they’re acting like it was a 50s swords and sandals epic

also it has that fucking owl


oh god did I just imply a then 30 year old movie isn’t old


Sad also that humanities funding has been so desiccated that our generation doesn’t get to be the vanguard of academic and historical study of the medium the way those who grew up alongside the birth of film did.


we can, we just have to be really obnoxious about it


are you saying having thousands of games available for download while ignoring copyright law isn’t obnoxious


I meant more along the lines of