Killed the Taurus Demon this morning. Dark Souls feels pretty solid with the pro controller. It doesn’t seem to have the updated graphical effects but it runs pretty smoothly. Is anyone else playing this? How do the new summon codes work?


I caught them playing starlink on the waypoint charity stream and now I kind of want it AND all of the toys

You can plug wings into wings and that shit shows up in the game immediately. You can make a plastic abomination and play it instantly.

The game looks like destiny + no mans sky with a smaller scope


I just had a triple spirit of vengeance invasion in the depths while on my commute

Not sure how the summon codes work, but it’s probably the same as DS3?





I think some folks around here thought Vampyr was a pretty interesting game.


Who needs this when you can buy the Wii version.


Ok but seriously who’s gonna buy this?



This Zelda-like draws in some Mario-3D Land/World-style movement and level design; it looks kinda… nice?


I’m honestly intimidated at the level of art production and even hip twee-ness seen these days in dozens of games destined to be forgotten immediately on release


That’s just indie games catching up with indie movies.


I love that Indy movie influence.


ok the surprise character reveal at the end of the new smash direct is pretty awesome


oh my god the Diablo 3 port is fucking perfect

please destroy my life again game



Smash talk: I want to put some money down and say that one of the DLC characters is gonna be a Dragon Quests Rep. I’d love DQ5 Hero so we could have a full fledged summoner/puppet/monster trainer type of fighter like your captian commandos or MVC2 Jill etc in smash. The basic choice would probably be DQ3 Hero with gender choice like robin. The sakurai choice would probably be Torneko that just throws various sorts of items from his dungeon crawling days. DQXI gonna be on switch eventually.


Realistic take: probably no DQ hero but if it DOES happen it’ll either be DQ1 guy or DQ11’s Not-Trunks or a Slime


After Piranha Plant I’d expect the blurred thing to happen tbh