…because people will buy it?

Consider the 3DS family: the 3DS showed up in 2010, then the 3DS XL appeared two years later in 2012. The 2DS came out a year later in 2013, as a weird half-step back targeted at kids. A more significant hardware revision in the form of the New Nintendo 3DS came out over the course of 2014 and 2015.

Similarly, the Xbox One came out in 2013 and 2014; the first revision (stripping out Kinect) launched mid-2014, with various configurations launching over the following years until the Xbox One X was first teased in 2016.

Arguably the Smash bundle could be considered an updated edition of the console, but I’d be very surprised if they didn’t also have some other hardware configurations to announce within the next six months.


Right, like I’m expecting the incrementally better version to be announced the day after I finally cave in and buy this system. The one with a bigger battery, or a sharper screen, etc.

Other than the fact that I own more games than I’ll ever play on PC/PS4 already, it’s that which keeps me from getting out the credit card and taking the plunge.


I really wouldn’t count on there being a new kit annouced until at least next summer E3. The single biggest system seller is coming out in december and already has a special edition console announced to tie in that’s just the same as the last one. If they were to announce any new version before the holiday season is over or even spring then they’d really be shooting themselves in the foot by making people hesitant to buy the current one right when the hype is at its prime. Probable wouldn’t want this new influx of players to feel immediately burned with their purchase.

If anything I’d say this is probably your last shot to get your hands on a new still hackable version of the system that Nintendo seem pretty desperate to try and purge from the market. It’s still very much a developing scene but the scene is confident that Nintendo will in fact NEVER be able to patch out the console exploit on these original hardware revisions. Only problem is that there is almost no way to tell if you have a fixed version or not besides making an educated guess from the purchase date and serial number.


There’s been a new Switch model listed in the firmware since April.


I don’t doubt that they’ll do some minor hardware revisions but one worth announcing? Nah. Sony revised the PS4 several times before the Pro and didn’t have some big press conference for “hey we made the motherboard cheaper to manufacture!” or “new psu with fewer warranty claims!”

There’d be a revolt if the massive amount of sold Switch accessories stopped working with models released less than 2 years after launch. It’s certain to me they aren’t going to split the install base with new hardware incompatible with the old stuff.

If you’re interested in a switch, I guarantee that you’ll play it more in total if you buy one soon instead of waiting 6+ months for one with 10% more battery life.


the pro didn’t split the install base though and doing like a 10nm tegra is a no-brainer


It’s Meltan, the busted nut Pokémon! Suddenly started appearing in Pokémon GO of all things as Ditto clones which is a kind of cool way to do it? People just suddenly started catching them a few days ago and given it’s very basic features some people were even assuming it was some sort of glitched Missingno type thing.

Famous VTubing pair Professor Oak and Willow taking off


yeah it was pretty good

reduced scope (i.e.there’s only one city) rlly brings out the strengths of the games: phenomenal level design & strong sidequest structure


I was right about it still being a bit ways off at least?


And the full text of the article is here:

Pretty light on details!



I still think a switch in the hand now is more fun than a neu switch in the future


I’ve been talking out of my ass anyway, buying games right now would be irresponsible of me, let alone a system.


idk why i bought monster hunter. i dont wanna jump back into my 2 year old 3ds save or start a new one.


Zarvot looks very fun, cute, quirky, and even gorgeous. I think it comes out this month. I want to get it, though not right away because I don’t have the time to get into a new game right now.


I utterly adore the look of these but they always vanish off my radar immediately after release


Understandable, but my radar has very limited scope.


MARBLE IT UP is scratching all kinds of itches: Monkey Ball, Kororinpa, Mario Kart, Sonic, psychedelic blue skiiieess


Heavy Burger


Where’s my gritty high-def Burgertime: Act Zero


I was refusing to believe Heavy Burger was real until I saw Nicalis was making Puzzle Fighter but with Blackjack (you know, the anime doctor) and Johnny Turbo as characters

It was then I realized nothing was off the table