The Xbox One S “outputs” 4K and the PS5 “outputs” 8K in the way this new Switch supports 4K


I’m glad I found this tweet in Wario64’s replies


my TV is 4K but does 1080p pretty well so…i’m happy that whatever this update is, it’s more about the visuals than say, a boost in processor power or something, and so i can ignore it. if they release a Switch that lets me play the Links Awakening remake in 60FPS, then maybe i’d buy one and actually finish that game.


Another win for me being unable to care about 60fps.


my only real complaint with the existing switch is the load times
and having to buy a dpad joycon maybe


I am actively hostile to the idea of an OLED display, I don’t care about TV output resolution because I will never play this on a TV, I literally just want the existing Switch Lite with no joystick drift

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why tho

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the Switch runs Wii U games really well, so I guess your best bet is to wait for whatever comes after the Switch

  • Burn-in is an undesirable trait for devices which feature UI elements (especially ones that are persistent) like phones, computers, and consoles
  • Uneven colour distribution causes the sub pixels to age at different rates, and a strong bias towards any of the RGB colours cause visibly tinted splotches on your screen which is gross
  • Having a range of displays to target with wildly different colour reproduction attributes makes it challenging to master content that displays as intended on all of them

yeah I’m a picky asshole who hates everything, but you should know this about me by now (don’t get me started on the pentile shit)




Burn-in and uniformity issues should be a remote possibility cropping up after several thousand hours of the same content.

Even the worst TVs (CNN) still had roughly the same color gamut after 10,000 hours.

Though, speaking of picky assholes,

Someone tell me they can’t see 60 FPS


loading a switch game


The thing is I’ve read these articles multiple times in trying to convince myself that maybe I’m overreacting, and then someone in my family goes and buys the exact same TV and it’s ruined with blue splotches less than 2 years later with “regular usage” consisting of spending about half the day on cable news. I don’t think people should be asked to change how they use their television because the panel technology is flawed.

And I’m not just seeing this shit on TVs, I’m seeing it on smartphones where my grandma’s name was burnt into my mom’s phone, or there are just weird color shifting aberrations that coincidentally line up with persistent UI elements in a primary color.

I know all the pros and cons about OLED already, and if the cons do not line up with your usage patterns, that is great and I’m not going to tell you you have to hate OLED now. But fuck, I constantly run into people with wack displays that just used their devices like they normally would and they look like shit after a year and a half of regular usage, and I don’t want to engage with that at all.

The two use cases where OLED within my tolerances:

  • Watching movies and “produced” television where there is a low risk of persistent elements and a high variety of displayed elements. I don’t do this, so it’s irrelevant to me.
  • Smart watches where the display is only on for 7-30 seconds at a time and content is limited to begin with (although smaller text legibility can be hurt by bad subpixel arrangements)
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gosh, even looking at my wife’s late-LCD iPhone, one of the best-tuned LCD displays ever made, next to my 5-years older, burned-in OLED phone (address bar) there was just no comparison. To my eyes, even display aberrations and burn-in patterns are nothing next to richer color; contrasty night shots are so much more appealing and games especially with solid blocks of color look so much nicer. Wow! that’s red, and that’s beautiful in its redness, I’ll say, absorbed in glowing light even if it’s just an Arkanoid block.


yeah that’s why I had WINDOWS PHONE until the first oled iPhone


it’s a good reason

next to perversity


i don’t know where else to post this but it is sublimely funny to me that they just keep filling Smash up with new anime sword jrpg people no one cares about


Japan kinda cared, XC2 finally went out of stock physically and shot up the digital charts

the actual objective of picking characters is working

you aren’t following enough horny people if you think that