Switch! (Part 1)

oh yeah the joycons have to be like 75% profit

I really want a custom left Joycon with a real-deal dpad, those buttons don’t cut it


I got a second pro controller mostly so I don’t have to abide by the ergonomics of the joycons anymore (also because the connection doesn’t lapse from 8 ft away, wtf Nintendo).

I wonder if you could add a four-way seesaw to one

My switch is SW-6685-4431-0904

Split the Splat 2 stuff off > Splatoon 2: The Splats of My Tears

Today in lol Nintendo: the Switch uses burnt fuses to check for firmware consistency/downgrades



Seems fair

You fuck with their system, they fuck with your system

who the hell came up with this though

it seems elegant and effective but also kind of insane long-term

pretty sure if we could market a nintendo accessory as “the real left” we would be deeply, madly in a particular wheelhouse

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oh dear

a company that has watched two systems get swarmed with piracy and another two get emulated fairly well to perfectly in a short timespan

desperation breeds insanity


nothing beats the GBA being emulated perfectly within like six months of release

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It didn’t take recent experience. The real reason the N64 went with carts is because they were terrified of CD piracy. Loading time was just a consumer-friendly pretext.

*: Except Guardian Heroes

I’m still not convinced that wasn’t just an artifact of that game being one of very very few to run the GBA CPU at 100% for a significant length of time and that affecting the emulator timing on lower end host systems

Entirely possible, yeah. It was just hilarious how it made reviewers that just played the ROM really obvious.

The problem with lag in GBA emulators wasn’t solved until TAS support was being added to VBA (2005).



Friend came over with his Switch last night and we had a blast playing 1-2 Switch, though some of the games are iffy at best. There’s no way this shouldn’t be a pack-in game and it’s kind of ridiculous the price they are asking for this.

I also spent like 20 minutes furiously jerking off a Joy-Con last night and now my wrists are just completely dead for the day so there’s that

The big Tumbleseed update finally came to the Switch version. I’ve played a little bit of it, and it does vastly improve the experience of playing it. You can now play discrete levels from a level select in addition to the full epic run, and you can unlock “auras” that give you different bonuses. These auras go a long way toward making the game less brutally difficult. I dig this game, and now I can give it an unqualified recommendation.