Switch! (Part 1)

I payed a bit using the Joy-Cons out of the grip. I wonder if I would need the stick to aim at all if they would let me bump up the horizontal sensitivity of that config.

I will be up for a good splatooning come next week.

I used the motion controls. I think they’re fine!

I forgot how to throw grenades and didn’t use them.

Ah man I had a helluva time in the splatfest! I never used motion controls in the original game but I’m committed to making it work and I think I’m getting the hang of it! After getting our asses kicked (I was taking turns with a roommate) for 2 hours, we eventually hit a groove and won like… 7 games in a row? Then one loss, then 5 more?? It was awesome.

The new specials are a lot weaker than the old ones but I’m finding them all useful in the right situation. Unlike before, you shouldn’t always just fire as soon as you get it. It seems like the specials charge up faster now, but maybe I’m just imagining it (since it would be a sensible to balance their reduced utility). I definitely don’t think I used 4-7 specials every battle in the last game. Are y’all feeling this way too?

Just added a Buncha y’all! Friend code: 5811-0280-6241

Hm, I didn’t notice a massive difference in the special charge time, but you’re probably right. It could just be turf war though; people just aren’t as concerned with getting kills cause there’s no centralised objective, so you tend to stay alive longer.

I’m digging the new specials too. I kinda miss kraken cause it was so fun to use, but in general, the old specials were way overpowered. They also didn’t encourage much strategic thinking; the idea was generally to charge your special, go in aggressively, trigger it, and catch people off guard. The kraken and bubbler functioned almost like get-out-jail-free cards, and in tower mode you could just trigger them on tower to gain free points.

The first thing I noticed about the new specials is that none can be used as a crutch. They tend to leave you pretty exposed, so you need to think carefully about how and when you’re gonna use them.

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The most Nintendo possible:


this some one step forward eighty steps back kind of shit, it’s sort of hard to believe


it’s Nintendo so it’s actually pretty easy to believe

now, how they did it on the Wii U, where things mostly made sense, that’s the real shocker

all I’ll say is that the Switch Online app has a huge feedback section and that I encourage everyone to send them giant notes of “what the fuck are you doing”. I’ve already sent two just based off of the nonsense writers with press copies have been saying

Yeah, the WiiU, had it not been for the silly pad (that was clearly a protoSwitch) did a lot right, but Nintendo.

I think my favorite part is that the app doesn’t rotate to be in landscape.

the best part of the app is that voice chat doesn’t work if you put your phone to sleep

Oh yeah, and heaven help you if you get a text, because apparently that stops it as well.

That looks so convoluted, uh, I guess just get on Skype.

Definitely glad I decided to wait until the next model surfaces

Kind of interesting to see though more companies coming out with the custom Joycon Grip things though. With the Joycons themselves doing pretty much all the heavy lifting I imagine they’re relatively cheap to produce? I think it was during the UbiSoft E3 presser that there was a trailer for a new Games to Life thing where you would attach your little toy space ships to the centre of their own Grip. Not sure if they can do data communication with the Joycons and the console though?

EDIT: Here it is @0:50

oh yeah the joycons have to be like 75% profit

I really want a custom left Joycon with a real-deal dpad, those buttons don’t cut it


I got a second pro controller mostly so I don’t have to abide by the ergonomics of the joycons anymore (also because the connection doesn’t lapse from 8 ft away, wtf Nintendo).

I wonder if you could add a four-way seesaw to one

My switch is SW-6685-4431-0904