swet shop boys got bars

even hipsters aint safe
you gotta be careful what part of your face you shave
they say 'why is rizzy chattin bout race’
why you breathin bout air, just like Hari K. say


Man Riz one of those dudes who’s so fucking talented in so many spaces you have that Eureka moment when it’s like wasn’t he…wait…wasn’t he in…WAIT

i guess this isn’t one of the great heems verses, but i do love a heems verse

i guess “i am a radiator / i am a toaster / i am a college dorm room poster” is pretty good


this bok remix of an old riz instrumental still bangs

this shit is deep

hell yea ilaiyaraaja

Would be really cool if people would stop joking about the disease that is literally killing me tho.

wait what

Opening line is a joke about diabetes as near as I can tell with a little google searching (I heard it and was like, uh what? and really wanted there to be some explanation other than “lol diabetes” but couldn’t find it). Like I like the rest of the song well enough, but I wish people would stop cracking jokes about that.

oh, it’s a reference to this

Ambala is one of the most prestigious confectionery and savoury brands in the world, known for the excellent quality of its products. The range of Asian sweets on offer at Ambala online vary from delicious after-dinner desserts to exotic confectioneries. From amongst the classical Asian sweets we offer include delicious Rasmalai, succulent Rasgulla mouth-watering Gulab Jamun, delicate Jalebis and delectable Barfis and Halwas, not to mention our exquisite Baklava.

it’s a shoutout to brown ppl who like indian sweets

Yes, I got that, but it thereby is implying that eating sweets is what gives people diabetes, which is not really true at all, but is a shitty stereotype people use to make jokes at the expense of diabetics like myself, because HUR HUR UR FAT IT IS UR FAULT.

Like I said, it just really sucks that this is totally cool with people that they make jokes about what is actually going to kill me.

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yea i feel u

also - this is second hand knowledge so i’m not sure how true it is, but it’s how i took the line - there is a much higher risk/history of south asian people getting diabetes. like, a lot of people i know from similar backgrounds (london based south asians) pretty openly make jokes about this. which i know doesn’t necessarily make it better but i think there is a lot of cultural context here and for them it’s almost just a way of coping with/accepting the knowledge of the risk they are living with.

That’s fine, but it still feeds into people laughing literally about the thing that’s killing me, so uh, still not cool. And still is a joke about eating sweets giving people diabetes, which again, is not how any type of diabetes works, South Asian or not.

yeah, im not saying it’s ok. just more to it than the majority of jokes/throwaway comments/ignorance about diabetes.

yeah every old person in my fam has diabetes

diabetes is called “sugar disease” or straight up just “sugar” in many indian languages (e.g. you would say ‘i have sugar’ to mean diabetes in tamil, same way you might say ‘i have high blood pressure’)

(also i hadn’t really clocked that the line before was a reference to sweets)

I mean, like I said, the rest of the song is solid and I enjoyed it. I’ve just been sensitive about that stuff lately, for probably obvious reasons.[quote=“tiburon, post:16, topic:4162”]
yeah every old person in my fam has diabetes

Same. Mom has had it for going on 25 years. Dad for about 7. Both my grandmas had it. It’s a thing. A shitty thing.

Diabetes is called sugar urine disease in Chinese

direct all your diabetes jokes @ me