This looks pretty boring to me. The original Suspiria was colorful, hip, fun as hell and didn’t really care what you thought of it. This remake looks dreary, grim, and monochromatic in comparison. It’s not trying to break any horror mold or stand out in any way. It’s trying to be a dour, respectable horror movie.

We have plenty of those already. I was hoping that remaking Suspiria would at least provide an opportunity for something truly flamboyant to hit the mainstream horror cinema scene.


i wasn’t a big fan of the original suspiria, so i’m willing to give this a shot, but it does look just a little bit sterile and bland.

give me a couple of million dollars and some cameras and i’ll remake phenomena with jennifer connelly as frau bruckner. at least a few thousand is going to go towards neon orange blood.


Music by Thom Yorke is bumming me out


goblin or get fuuuucked


fuck it, here’s some more gobbo:

(this one inspired Clock Tower’s OST)

my favorite:


Phenomena soundtrack is so fun when incongruously used in…the movie it was composed for. That first moonlit nightwalk just busts open and I see the genesis of Castlevania and, oh man,


Deep Red is really underrated, I think it’s one of Argento’s best.


This looks hot, It would be so easy to fall into the trap of trying to replicate the aesthetic of the original but I’m happy it’s doing its own thing.


Whoa, this looks like a much more straight ahead remake than I had expected.

Remember the NES Duck Tales remake guy saying that kids don’t like secret doors anymore? Suspiria is keeping the secret door.

Will the killer slinky room scene trigger amazon suggestions for various slinky products?


just entering this thread to say tenebre is one of the most genius genre deconstructions ever made. thanks. and inferno is also really good aside from the endless bag full of cats scene


At least compared to many films in the modern arthouse of horror, it does look capable of having more shrill and “this is uh avant-garde?” moments than (some) audiences are used to.

Guess it’s kinda hard to expect the campier surrealty of the original to be present, but the lack of striking COLOR and jaggedness between shots, that seems like a big loss.

Whereas the original felt off all the way through this might just lean and drop hard. I’ll be giving it a theater watch for sure though.

Shoulda seen Goblin w/Secret Chiefs 3 in 2013 fuck.


Goblin and Secret Chiefs played the same night as Lee Renaldo’s first post-SY solo tour date here and as a result only 6 people showed up for Lee. It was weird.


Yeeeoowch that’s a real rough kick-off night. I don’t know his side of the overlap very well but I’m kinda surprised there was such a large one. Whereabouts you be?


Detroit. The local weirdo base was totally not in effect except for a dude who I know does not have a car. Goblin was way out in the suburbs.




is it going to be a one-off, or are there plans to redo the other two as well?


Guadagnino has mentioned wanting to do a sequel and I’d imagine Inferno would serve as an influence if it happens.



Tilda Swinton had the prop department make a prosthetic dick to better method act a fictional actor for for this movie.