Yeah same, I never had any interest til now.


I OWN the game and I’ve never tried single player. Guess I should get around to that. Multiplayer deathmatch is the most fun I’ve had with it. Co-op is alright.


Single player falls under the Co-op menu, so I can’t blame anyone for missing it.


Co-opin’ with my se-elf


if I had no shame, I’d ask the world to game


don’t wanna be


AC7 appears to be on sale for the first time on PC, though I’ve gotten the impression that it’s the kind of japanese game that you’re better off getting on console and I proceeded accordingly back in january


you can get Xbox Game Pass for ONE DOLLAR for THREE MONTHS right now and even though there are only like ten games that you get with it on Windows as opposed to like a hundred on Xbone, Horizon 4 is one of them and you should definitely take this opportunity to play it

(so are Ruiner and Gears 4 which are OK enough)

Microsoft have basically given away their best self-published title all generation for free at this point between the two-week free trial of Game Pass you could get at its release and now this


Videogames are drugs and Microsoft is a rich desperate drug dealer


Might do it for Ruiner my laptop definitely can’t run Forza


I might give it a shot to see if I can blow through Crackdown 3 in a week.


Actually going to try Ruiner, We Happy Few, Hello Neighbor and Super Lucky’s Tale all for a buck, assuming my laptop can run any or all of them, so thanks for the tip Felix.


Ruiner is fun…


Well, Ubisoft is making Assassin’s Creed Unity free for a bit due to, well, y’know.

It’s not a very good AC game, but it does look very nice!


Obra dinn is on sale at gog for $15


Gamestop is giving $200 for a PS4 this week (I think through today). Relevant if, like me, you paid $200 for your PS4 anyway and you live in a neighborhood that might be too sketchy for Craigslist.

They will take your thumbprint, talk you to death, and you will buy gift cards for Netflix, Nintendo, and Steam (Amazon won’t ring up with store credit).