TVs get that price around March/April as they bring in the next year’s models; I was able to get 55" at $1250 last year. At least in the US.

Other seasonal dips are Black Friday and near Superbowl, correspondingly higher as they’re earlier in the year-long sales window of a model.


Twitch prime members get a year of switch online for free

You have twitch prime if you have amazon prime


hot tip.

i hacked mine so afaik if even legit software is taken online they can/will ban your console from both the store and online play. but still.

According to Twitch, Prime subscribers will have until September 28th to redeem the three-month subscription, and until January 28th, 2020 to redeem the nine-month membership.

hmm, wonder if it’ll be sorted by then.


Morrowind’s free for a few more days

if you care about this you probably already have five copies but ‘half a dozen’ is so nice to say


Related to that: Skyrim VR is currently 35% off on the PS Store, and I believe this is the first time it’s ever gone on sale digitally. All the other TES stuff is on sale too but I had been eyeing this one for a while.


Lowest price I’ve ever seen on a Toto bidet!

Open box for $170!


I just don’t know if open box is the way to go with this particular item


I really dig Oxenfree as a moody adventure game with some really cool diabetic replay hooks. Worth paying for, but absolutely worth free.


As a diabetic, what the fuck is a diabetic replay hook?

Also hi, this is the thing that is going to kill me so I really hope this isn’t a joke.


Think the intended word was diegetic and it just got autocorrected.


It was a typo I thought sounded odd. Point taken, it was inconsiderate, and I’ve deleted it.

Surplus thinking about this that might be trying to reconcile and exculpate a lazy joke but idk

I’m not sure it’s at the expense of diabetics to say that the ubiquity and addictiveness of candy is a “hook” like an exploitative game design - like Candy Crush it’s a system designed to addict.


Oh no, I though your joke way kinda funny, actually given what was there, but still wondering about the original. No worries.

Ah diegetic as a typo makes like way more sense, haha.


LOL yeah, I was attempting to type diegetic (which my phone definitely doesn’t recognize as a proper term)

“Diabetic replay hook” sounds like a Ludum Date theme suggestion.


Ludum Date, huh?





Diabetic replay hook is just reincarnation after a long life of spending too much time and money on healthcare.


Hey I got Celeste for $14 and TowerFall for $10 on the eShop.

I already own TowerFall on PC and never get to play it, but the idea of a 6-player version I never get to play was too much to pass up.


My introduction to Towerfall was a six player session on the Switch over the holidays. I’ve been waiting for a sale ever since!

Glad it also has a fun single player mode, since I mostly don’t have six people at the ready.


the towerfall campaign(s) are fantastic, I feel like the game is only ever recommended for competitive multiplayer when it’s also like the best bubble bobble successor ever


… I had no idea there was a single player component