i did : _ (


I don’t know what would make you say that.


I feel like the reason to buy the SH2 soundtrack on vinyl is so you can absolutely BLAST Theme of Laura til the roof falls down, then quietly turn it off and slip it back in the sleeve for another day.


I’ll be doing my Coil routine when this comes on

that’s all lights out only one lone candle down the hall.


Betrayal is also dope as hell and would love to hear it on a worn well loved record


This is free


Reverse Will forever


Crackdown 2 is backwards compatible on Xbox today and free to download. I don’t know how much of a steal that is because I don’t remember it being as good as the first one but there you go.


wizard of legend got a big patch and is 40% off!


Tacoma is free for a while.


Tacoma is fine enough and free is a good price for it.

Oxenfree is free on the Epic Game Store for the next two weeks as well, no clue if it is any good. Two weeks after that they are giving away The Witness, for those who didn’t have Playstation Plus this month.




Alright now my entitled ass is :expressionless: because the Epic store is giving out a bunch of games I already have in a row haha.


Dog Days is 99 cents on Steam until April 1. I finally pulled the trigger!


99 cents too much tbh

well i guess it’s worth to see the great aesthetic for 99 cents


Dog Days feels too good at high res. I feel like I need to knock down the resolution, to match the shitty cellphone video vibe.

God it looks good at high res though.

EDF 5 is still on sale! Pretty big chunk off the deluxe edition.


Get out of here Sykel Dog Days is beautiful and perfect and ugly and I love it


Newegg has a very strange open-box sale going on.

Not a lot of practical stuff but edge cases.

Motherboards for Microcenter prices (e.g. $88 Z370 ATX, $114 Z370 ITX)

If you are for some reason looking to get an eye-melting TV, they have a 65" LG OLED TV for $1,630 (still incredibly expensive but $1,000 off)


like a hundred bucks for one of the best cheap VR headsets


No controllers, though. I couldn’t find a cheap place to find them separately online. :frowning: