March’s ps+ games are The Witness and CoD4: Now It Works on PS4

That’s it.



meanwhile on xbone it’s just some Adventure Time thing, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Star Wars: Republic Commando, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which like.

Half of them are meh and the other half I feel like the vast majority of folks who would be interested have already owned them for many years now.

Did they use up too much of some budget by offering Bloodstained and Bomberman R in Feb?


I am actually excited about those games?


They’re not bad games, but it’s a big cut from even last month. A 3 year old port of a 12 year old game?


Isn’t this the MO for most of these things? They sold them to who they were going to sell them to, so the console company pays the publisher a chunk of change to give them away to their subscribers?

wrt PS4, while I’m sad PS3 and Vita games are over, I’m excited for Witness because I was never going to pay Jon Blow what he wanted me to and I always did mean to play Modern Warfare for reals.


giving the people GW2 is good because GW needs more love

also GWG is inherently better because MS gave people :cactus: while Sony gave people the chance and they threw it away

wasted it

on Broforce


Honestly the part that stings the most is the loss of PSVita titles because they were almost always cross-buy so I got a lot of little weirdo indie games on PS4 that way


this month’s humble has a lot of stuff I’ve been considering


the Neptunia bundle? Yeah that’s a large amount of things


I’d love to be able to play Revengeance without having to plug in my PS3.

PS+ ever stark without last-gen. I loved getting new Vita stuff, and like Mikey said, cross-buy meant that a lot of Vita freebies were bonus PS4 freebies.


snake pass is part of the twitch prime games this month and snake pass rules


also, whereas Epic has surprisingly consistent in giving away games I wasn’t interested enough to buy but am curious to try, I think twitch prime has now spent a full year giving me exclusively stuff I either already have or don’t want.


The Messenger, Felix…



Twitch has done me right about as often as it has done me wrong.

Anyway I’ll be too depressed to play any of them for the rest of my life so :skull:


twitch has given me superhot, the messenger, soma, kentucky route zero & observer
and one day… one day… i might get around to one of them

also that free month of ff14 that has been surprisingly pleasant


Not a STEAL but of interest is Silent Hill 2 soundtrack on vinyl. I am certainly buying it.

Game music on vinyl

I only hope they still have copies available on Friday when I can actually buy it, but yes.

I did get the Streets of Rage 2 vinyl finally a couple weeks ago and it is so good.


Been perched on that order button. I almost got 1’s vinyl a few times but much as I love it overall, not exactly a spin up listenable soundtrack.


If they do the gamestop preorder SH4 soundtrack I will buy 3.


Well, hope you got it because it is already sold out :(.

I did not get it.