I’m downloading this now. Looking forward to finally seeing this cloud-based destruction technology.


Don’t we usually call that a tornado?



Borderlands Handsome Collection on PSN for $17.49 CDN… yea or nay?


It’s the rare split screen game but unless you have a confirmed coop partner or three it’s going to be a slog.


Yeah, that’s a problem.


2 is still probably my favourite first person diablo thing, the pacing and the sponginess are all acceptable levels, but I wouldn’t play it other than in coop


every time it goes on sale i’m like “is this the time??” but it never is and probably never will be

the pre-sequel was made in my town though, so i feel like i have to grab it eventually


What about in VR?


sounds like skyrim VR


I owned Borderlands 2 on the Vita. I was that person.

I trusted Dave Lang. Dude has licked my face. I still sort of trust him.


You got licked by the Lang? Sounds like he disrespected your borderlands.


It’s his signature move - DIVE LICK


I experienced Exlicktion


hey, look

it ran

on the Vita

that’s already more than everyone ever expected

besides, Lang is a known liar, Windjammers came back


Superhot Sale on PSN.


Too bad the pair of PS Move controllers I would need to play it in VR are still locked at CAD$200 :frowning:


you want mine? the price for PS move controllers sold separately is exorbitant because they flat out don’t seem to be available that way anymore and the Canadian aftermarket is not great. Make me an offer based on what’s on eBay / Craigslist and I’ll send them to Quebec; I play all my room scale VR games on PC.

(I paid less than $200 CAD for both of my headsets because I am very good at this)


A friend of mine mine bought a bunch of ps3 move controllers when retailers were dumping them some time before the ps vr came out

Now he doesn’t have any use for them, so woohoo

It’s not often a peripheral boomerangs in price like that


wreckfest is half off