We’ve heard your cries and we’re proud to bring Cross…

MEDIA BAR to all Playstation consoles this fall!


the cynical michael thomsen argument would be that they’re no longer really concerned about delivering anything novel to a mainstream audience so they can just go higher and higher margin for enthusiasts and people will buy it just because it can stream in 4K or whatever

Sony has always had an abnormally healthy definition of what an “enthusiast” is, though; the relative mainstreaming of PSVR is a great example of that


The upside of trading in my PS4 for four copies of Destiny 2 is that I have a comfortable cost barrier between me and the psychic harm that Death Stranding would cause me.


The only thing I actively dislike about the Xbone is how sluggish the dashboard is which is almost certainly because it’s constantly phoning home so Microsoft can push ads and sell ad space. If I had the time, patience and equipment I would figure out how to block all that shit since supposedly according to people who have done it it substantially improves the performance.


Not to be curt but yo


Well, that takes care of the “equipment”. Thanks.


A fitting end. ( ̄^ ̄)7

Maybe I’ll actually finish the game this time.


I actually really enjoyed MGS4 :-\


I liked it as well, what I played of it. I just never finished it. I made it to the tanker after the return to Shadow Moses. No idea how far/close I was to the end.


extremely close to the end


It’s great up until the 11th hour bellyflop


This is just so delicious. Now I have to finish it. A decade late.


only like three 90 minutes cutscenes between you and credits


I am too am weirdly excited to play the game funeral.




even though I am already up to my neck in games I adore this month and I will almost certainly buy both Total Warriors and Otogi 3 on release, I used my coupon for a few extra bucks from this Steam sale on Hitman 2 because I’m worried about IO and once they cut the price of the legacy pack in half then I’ll get to try the Hitman 1 missions I never bought with much nicer visuals


The new Humble Bundle lets you get Crusader Kings II for $1 and Europa Universalis IV in the mid-tier (currently $6.70). That is about as cheap as you will ever see the games so if one was curious now would be the time to take the dive.


Otogi 3 took me a while to parse. And total warrior made me think full spectrum warrior and wow we were having a real xbox revival.


You can get the original Crackdown for free on XBox right now


Dang I can’t even get it for free until I give them a credit card number. I’m afraid they’ll autorenew my long expired XBL or something!