yes and I just today got mine back after the fan blew after six months of ownership lol so I have an idea of where they’re getting the refurb ones from

$999 is still only barely better than the extremely good CAD price I got last summer but as long as it doesn’t blow again when it’s out of warranty, strong rec


anyway the best part of the fan blowing is that it happened within five minutes of my wife telling me to come to bed and me then pressing X to confirm I was still watching designated survivor so like

entirely reasonable intervention


Hitman: Season 1 Complete and For Honor are the PSPlus games this month. And they’re discontinuing the free games on PS3 after this month with the final games being MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots (!) and Divekick.

Also there’s a sale on Xbox for Assassin’s Creed games.


And Brandon Sheffield’s Gunhouse dang it!


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is one of the Xbone free games for February. First half of the month is Bloodstained on the XBoxOne side and Assacre: Rogue as the 360 game, and then second half is Bomberman R for Xbone and Jedi Academy or something on 360.

Bloodstained is available already, despite it not bein February yet, though, so that’s cool.


It’s really odd that just as Sony is ramping down legacy console support in its subscription bonus Microsoft has set tracks to amp up with monetizable backwards compatibility. Good on them.


Halfway through every console generation:

Wtf I love [the company trailing in marketshare]


in fairness, Microsoft is absolutely not actively supporting the 360 at this point, and PS3 backwards compatibility on the PS4 is definitely not possible

the only really anticonsumer thing Sony is still doing in my book is their refund policy


Idk I saw a physical copy of Skate 3 at Target that said I could play it on a 360 or a Bone which is amazing


you can also (as of this month) play it on your computer if you have at least 6 cores!

but yeah I’ve said multiple times now that console-exclusive EA stuff is what I miss most from no longer having PS3 hardware until it’s emulated better


Also no PS1/PS2 emu is the thing with Sony - absolutely no technical reason and their comments/strategy around remasters are disheartening. I had a bunch of digital PS1 and PS2 games I assumed would carry forward.


yes I’m just glad that I became sufficiently set in my ways in 1998 that I’d never pay a company for individual emulation licenses


Not to stan too hard but that’s the great thing about the 360/OG implementation. I showed a friend Revengeance and she was like oh man I wanna play that. She got a disc copy for less than $10 used and it works in her XB1.


The backwards compatibility is nearly the only thing that would make me consider getting an Xbone now (but I won’t because I barely play my PS4 anyway)


yup, point taken. I don’t have that many friends who I both a) talk about games with and b) feel compelled to recommend low effort solutions to.

anyway, the impossibility of implementing PS3 backwards compatibility with reasonable performance expectations without a CPU that’s ~3x as powerful as the PS4’s is definitely the legacy of the Cell. the Cell is, after all, just about as powerful as the PS4 CPU (depending on workload they’re both about equal to a 2007 Core 2 Quad).


as we learned to our chagrin when we first got the heavily physics- and AI-based, lightly threaded Galak-Z game first running on PS4

“this CPU is gonna kill us”

and it did!


The microwave with Alexa must be the personal vindicating obsession of a few weirdos at SCEI and Microsoft alike.


if Sony is sweating enough (which I doubt), the Ryzen thing they ship in PS5 should be just enough to healthily clear current RPCS3 requirements

being able to announce at E3 a couple years into its lifespan that whammo, it can now emulate all physical playstation media every released, have fun, would be a pretty good feature to keep in their pocket if they’re ever on their back foot


I wonder if the upgrade fatigue roiling phones (good!) will hit consoles - why’s this better than my PS4 Professional? You mean I have to get a Super Nintendo?


yeah the PS5 looks very … ordinary on paper, spec-wise, and even though the PS4 wasn’t in a significantly different position and it still made a big difference for that to become the new baseline for what cross-platform titles were capable of &c. &c., there’s so little they’d expect to massively overhaul this time around (no new console interface, no new store, no new display/network technology, why bother) that I’m very curious to see what the hook winds up being