I refuse to buy Golf for Workgroups until it is full price


Hey that studio is in my province


There’s a lot of options for mega assholes on this ballot. Can I just vote for for everything?




Just a reminder (because i forgot until just now) that Subnautica is free on the Epic Games Store until midnight EST


Not sure if these were STEALS or just fairly priced, but I found these in an honest to God Video Game Store, which was satisfying


Psygnosis is my religion


Cuba are you a Codename Tenka man?

It’s the purest expression of ‘flashing club lights’ in a mid-90s game; it’s almost Minter expressed through console proto-shooters, filtered through a Colony Wars aesthetic


It’s like you wrote this specifically to make me think this game is the greatest unknown gem of all time.

I’d never heard of it. I just youtubed it. This would have been my absolute JAM when it was released. Now, uh, I don’t have a huge amount of interest. But it looks great.


It’s not a good game but it does have good strobe light effects!


The soundtrack is real workout.


It’s the yearly Verso sale! 80% off eBooks!


DiRT Rally VR bundle is just $10 for PS+ right now. Sold


I got a pair of like-new Neon R/B Joycons at Goodwill for $15 and basically you’re all fucked


Apparently, I gotta get to goodwill more often


picked up PS3 Dino Crisis 2 and Tron Bonne on this PSN flash sale for $3 each


Guilty Gear Rev2 is heavily discounted on the humble store right now, might be a good time to pick up the latest version of GG if you haven’t


The $18 tier of the new Humble Comics Bundle has The Undisputed Street Fighter and The Art of Atari. They look like coffee table books but seem neat nonetheless. Of course you also get a ton of comics from the publisher Dynamite, of which I know nothing about except the covers remind of of Zenescope (whom I also know nothing about).


i’d just given up on getting a copy of ys 8 after seeing it as high as £140 on ebay but it’s £15.99 on uk psn at the moment


@felix is this the projector you got? Seems like a great price refurb considering.