Boy if I didn’t need to afford rent I would be all over this


Tetris Effect only 20$ now at Gamestop


very worth it

I have only played maybe an hour total but there is a stage where you’re in a dark little tea room with windows and then when you score a line a gust of wind blows open the curtains and you can see outside into the lush green day for a moment


Tetris Effect: stolen


Just got home from work but it looks like I will be taking another quick drive.


Momodora 4: Reverie Under the Moonlight is $2.00 on Steam right now


Is this a steal? Brand new copy of Nightmare of Druaga for $19


Full Throttle Remastered is free on GOG for the next two days.

(I would @ Father.Torque here but that seems unneccessary)


I still have my disc, that Remastered shit can :gotohell:


The Lucasarts remasters have remastered (from the tapes) voice acting that I appreciate vs. the scratchy originals. You can always turn off graphics filters/touchups if you don’t care for them. Grim Fandango is most worth it because it’s harder to get running than just popping into ScummVM but free is free and GoG is as close to Free as *free gets.


I got it New off Amazon as well a couple of years ago for $13.99 so not really I guess? It looks cool though I’m a little embarrassed to admit I still haven’t opened it.


I am 100% positive that this is pure nostalgia with no objective or critical faculties engaged but I prefer the old scratchiness because look, man, it’s a CD-ROM game from the 90s. That’s just what they sound like. It’s like scanlines for audio.


i enjoyed the crunchiness of the audio as well, during your playthrough that i only slept through part of


I think it matters a lot more for Maniac Mansion which really does have poor audio quality, but Full Throttle is acceptable quality, though I appreciate hearing a bit more range from Roy Conrad’s voice, which is dealt the worst blow by compression and is one of the best parts of the game.


I told you that no critical thought is allowed and I am right purely by virtue of the fact of the way I played this game when I was 13 years old


no I’m talking to everyone else.

It’s different, see


Hello friends

It’s been a while

That big PSN NA sale?


Best get it while the gettings good


50% cut to $65 for today


Steam winter sale is here?


vote for Digital Extremes you heartless jerks