Puyo esports is still 500¥


nintendo online is 20 USD for one year with a week free trial



As I see that Murdered:Soul Suspect is 1.49 on PS3 I make my peace. I am never going to play this game. Even though in the back of my head at one point it was cavia’s last game. Oh no wait. Cavia’s last game was in fact a team based surival FPS. Huh.


PS4 controllers are $39 right now.

Also, PS VR appears to be discounted all over the place right now. $250 for a helmet, camera, and two of those special controllers. That’s a lot of money and not necessarily a “steal,” but . . . .


they aren’t making any more steam links so even if you just want an ethernet cable and an hdmi cable for 2 dollars go for it


I already have two! (why)

They come with an absurd number of plug adapters


I bought one. I just might use it too!


I don’t know why anyone would want it but I acquired a copy of Fallout 76. I’ll give it away for 30 US dollars. It’s an Xbox copy FYI


steam link is great and all but if I wanted to play computer games on my TV I would have just bought a 20 foot HDMI cable instead of dumping 150+ and counting into sticking leftover parts into an ITX build like an idiot


don’t you bloodpotion me felix, this is all your fault

I still got an SSD and quieter CPU cooler to get


Significant price drop on this book. It’s $23 right now, and if you enter the code NOVBOOK18 you can get an additional $5 off. (The discount works for any physical book order of at least $20.)


Oh, damn it. Fine. Fine!


Is this normal for print in this market? Or an indication it’s not moving? It’s definitely successful at what it wants to be, I can’t imagine many being disappointed at what they get. The writing is insipidly pro-party line but it’s not a major part of the book.


Yeah this thing was a steal at $30

For uhh $18 I should buy several


Yep, I just did just that.

(easy gifting for at least a few peeps)


Good deal on the Fury Road art book. (I already have it.)



this is a neat bundle, I like most of the games in it


There is a far too extensive PSN Holiday sale here are just a few of the 1000+ on sale things.

Senko No Ronde 2 15.99
Dangaronpa 1 and 2 (vita recommended)
428 Shibuya Scramble 29.99
Fighting Layer EX 19.99 for light
Under Night Re Birth Exe:Late
Witcher 3 Complete
Guilty gear Xrd Rev 2
Raiden V (ehhhh)
A Hat in Time
Need for Speed Deluxe Edition (that’s the name it’s 5 dollars it’s great)
Everybody’s Golf
Gravity Rush 1 and 2
Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai
Metal Gear Solid V
The Last Guardian
The Mummy Demastered
Uncharted Lost Legacy
Walden, a game
Full Throttle
Jak 2
Wailing Heights (i don’t know if this is good it looks cool and I am buying it)


Thank you, says my compulsive need to acquire new games. Curse you, says my desire to be financially responsible.