The Japanese Vita version of Romancing Saga 2 is 1100 yen until 9/20 in commemoration of the stage play starting up.


Not really a “steal,” but a year of PS Plus for $47.


If someone wants to get that for me I will paypal blast you back.


2017 game of the year on sale at gmg, get another 25% knocked off with code ‘biginjapan’


A number of cool games available for free via Humble trove right now, including Tiny Echo


Tiny Echo has been sitting in my Steam wishlist for a bit now as a “hey, didn’t this look neat?” entry, so that’ll be good to check out.


30% off New Style Boutique 3 / Style Savvy: Styling Star / New Style Boutique / Girls Mode 4 : Star ☆ Stylist

Not available in my region though…
@Drem @sponkmonkey


It says it’s a “Just For You” offer so wouldn’t this only work Just For You?

Either way, I don’t have enough Platinum Points to use it anyway. Just put things on sale, Nintendo!


If I’m understanding things right you should be able to get 500 points by… playing the first 5 chapter of the Fire Emblem mobile phone game? Modern business is weird.


You can get like 25-50 platinum points a week from visiting the Nintendo home page while logged in. I used to have a weekly rotation of stuff to go through to get all the free points but then I realized nothing Nintendo sells with those points is worth getting.


The new Humble Bundle ain’t half bad.


Tekken 7 is on sale on PSN


Puyo Puyo e-Sports has a launch commemoration sale so it is 500 yen (normally 2000 yen) until 11/30 on all platforms.


Do you know if a localization is likely? I’m guessing that there isn’t an elementary Japanese reading advantage like Tetris Battle Gaiden, though.


No idea, will probably depend on how well Puyo Tetris did over here after factoring in it was a Switch launch window title

It’s worth the $5 just to get to play it while we wait and find out though


A good deal, seems to be a reputable seller


Muvluv y’all (don’t buy this.)


Destiny 2 for PC is now the low low price of FREE until November 18. Not just for the period but like if you claim it now you keep it forever. Only requirement is that you need a account.

I think one of these links should do it?:


You just click the gift box icon in the Bnet client and click Claim.


A year of PS Plus for $40.

(I let mine lapse for a year or so and then renewed it when I found a discount a few months ago, but I have barely used it since.)