Wait when did gog get evil


A couple weeks back they posted a pro-GG gag from one of the new Postal expansions on Twitter, and a couple days ago their parent company posted an anti-trans meme thing on that Cyberpunk 2020 game’s twitter page.

They’re pretty much Twitter shitheads who used to flip DOS games.


Eurogamer did an interview with them today that forced some earnestness out of them on the cyberpunk gender thing fwiw


The start of the interview is such a bizarre read. I suppose that is one way to cash in on a controversy, or better yet – try to create a new one.


I don’t think I’ve ever read the words male and female more times in my life. like, I get that this person is a quest designer rather than a writer/creative director but holy smokes it REEKS of defensiveness and cluelessness. This doesn’t make me feel excited about that game in any way.


That quest designer is the worst PR person.

About the choice issue, rather than tipping the cards about how the game actually sucks, they could have just said something like we chose to emphasize combat in the demo.

And on gender, they could have just said we’re going to rip off Saints Row 2.


The self-sustaining maw of the Steam economy is the kind of evil that’s hard to comprehend.


Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours is discounted on PS4 for one more day. I’ve been considering it all week, but every time I see a video of it I’m struck by its visual blandness. Some of the boss designs look decent, but I’m afraid that if I play it I’ll just want to to play something else instead. (I’ve been thinking about R-Type Final again lately.)

Also considering Birthdays the Beginning or The Witcher 3, which are part of the same sale. But the right answer is probably not to buy any more games right now and just wait for Disaster Report 4.


Being a shmup, the real attraction comes from playing it, not watching it. It’s also technically still a PSP game at its core. What it lacks in graphical fidelity it more than makes up for in content (the mission mode is utterly daunting). It’s a grower, not a shower.

Witcher 3 is incredible, but just know going in that you’re not going to be playing anything else for a long time.


I’ve always been scared off of Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours by the fact it sells itself on having over 3000+ stages. I’d rather have like… 8 really good ones.


Outside of maybe G-Darius, stages in Darius games are pretty cookie-cutter, especially if you look at the first two games. Every game has a set number of enemy patterns and background types, and the game’s variety comes from learning how to adapt to all the different combinations. Start playing any route outside of the standard top route (A-B-D-G…) and you’ll start to notice.

DBCS is probably the purest distillation of this design. Those “thousands of missions” are essentially “remixes” that use different combinations and orders of enemy patterns, different series of boss encounters, and different player circumstances (type of ship used, power-up levels, power-up restrictions, etc.)

I totally get where you’re coming from with the “8 really good stages” thing, but I tell ya, this approach works too. In DBCS, you’re not learning a small set of well-designed stages. Rather, you’re learning a small set of well-designed patterns and situations that all intersect and combine into thousands of different possibilities that get progressively more complex and challenging. It’s very transparent about how it works, and it’s actually really cool for that.

It doesn’t hurt that the game’s presentation - especially audio-wise - is totally off-the-scale, simple graphics aside.


Update: I got one of these (the Wahl - this one specifically) and really like it. Close and easy. Definitely would recommend it.

First corded one I’ve ever gotten, but considering how my cordless one started holding less and less battery life, I don’t consider it much of an advantage now.


Glad it worked out for you!

Yeah, the cordless one I had before that Wahl kit, within a year it could barely hold enough charge for me to trim my hair and beard in one session, and the charger cord was way too short to let me charge and trim at the same time.


U.S. PS+ lineup for September is out:

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita)
Destiny 2 (PlayStation 4)
Foul Play (PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita)
God of War III: Remastered (PlayStation 4)
Here They Lie (PlayStation VR)
Knowledge is Power (PlayStation 4)
Sparkle 2 (PlayStation Vita)
QUBE Director’s Cut (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4)


actiblizz is really trying to get those destiny 2 numbers up, with this and the humble monthly a little while ago


I’m going to play it for like 30 minutes probably


…anybuddy who wants to raid hmu




V2 is free to play this weekend and 50% off on steam

It’s also 25% off on XBONE


Also you can hit me up to play with because I love that game