I saw this at a CVS the other day, maybe it will help. It is not electric, but it is a racecar.


This does help yes


This Wahl set has lasted me nearly a decade of weekly use (though I needed to replace the power cord recently). I use the #1 guide for my head and the #2 through #6 guides for my beard.


I use a headblade and would recommend it, but it does shave your hair completely down


I picked up a Philips clipper for 25 bucks three years ago and have been using it ever since. The plastic guard broke into two pieces when I dropped the whole thing, but I had moved down to no guard at that point.


So weird, I was going to post today asking for a good deal on an electric razor but thought I would be judged…

With that being said, i think I want to look clean shaven all the time now but I’m sort of overwhelmed at the choices available. Can anyone recommend a shaver that can sustain daily use and make my face bald?


Panasonic are by far the best. They are way more powerful than virtually all others. So, they actually cut through your hairs. No catching or pulling. Doesnt require a weird approach or technique to avoid problems. Will actually give a close shave, with a couple of passes.

Basically no irritation, once you use it a few times. Works dry or wet. And by wet I mean in the shower if you want. The pop-up trimmer has stayed sharp and gets closer than any other trimmer. Still works well, past the 6 month replacement recommendation for the blades and foil mesh.

I have had the ES8103 for about a decade and it is still a relevant model.

I even use it on my head. As no razor product has allowed me a fuss free, cut-free shave. Head or face.


You are looking for a zero overlap/zero gap clipper. Wahl is generally a good balance of price/performance. Just don’t drop it.


Golden Krone Hotel is a wonderful little roguelike that recently got a big update, and it’s a steal for just $5. It’s fairly easy to get into and streamlined (for a roguelike, I mean!); you can play entirely with a mouse or controller if you wish.

Its main gimmick is that your character changes from human to vampire on a sort of set cycle. Each form has different (and somewhat opposite) strengths and weaknesses, and both are suited for different types of challenges. You can somewhat control what form you’re in via limited consumables, but there’s enough of a constraint that it provides tension and some interesting decisions.

On top of that is a neat light & time of day system. The game takes place in a sort of tower, and sunlight (or moonlight) will streak across the room from various angles depending on the time of day. This can be problematic in vampire form, or very helpful if you’re fighting vampires!

There’s also a neat item identifying mechanic that I described in another post: All possible item effects are put into randomized pools of 3 effects each. The first item you use in a given pool could have any of the three effects (which the game reveals to you), but that will narrow down what effects the other items in the pool could have. It’s a neat and satisfying little system; it encourages more experimentation with item usage because you understand the risks before you use an item (you know if an item could have a bad effect or if it might be an important resource you don’t want to waste).

Structurally (and somewhat mechanically) it borrows from Dungeon Crawl; the game consists of a linear tower that branch off into themed areas. You have to beat a minimum number of these areas to complete the game. It’s up to the player to decide what order and which of these branches to tackle; not all builds are equipped for the types of challenges each branch has. A lot of the player skill in this game is knowing when to back off and what forms are best suited for what challenges.

I’m pretty impressed by its design and it’s nice to have a much shorter alternative to Crawl.


I shoulda done this awhile ago but I have a couple of keys in my steam for Dark Souls first PC port, which should hopefully still be giftable. So if someone wants the remaster, talk to me first. Because if you own the first release, you can get the remaster for $20.


Mafia III is going to be one of the PlayStation plus games for August, I’m pretty happy I didn’t wind up buying it during the summer sale


Can we all play mafia3 together?


I can daydream about it while my PS4 pulls down a sub 1MBps download speed


Gundam Versus is $15 on Gamefly.

And Dissidia NT is $20 everywhere just saying…


Really happy about this cause I almost bought it the other day for $30 on Amazon and used $15 in gift cards for it.


Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 are on sale right now for $10 and $12 respectively


dariusburst chronicles is on sale on eu ps4 for possibly the first time ever

don’t know the exact price but it’s under £16 (£16 price would be about two thirds off)


I heard Hollow Knight is on sale for Steam and Switch.


and GOG, depending on which corporate monster seems less monstrous to you today.


I do miss the days when they were the less evil one.