I’m still gonna play Tacoma you haterzz


I was torn between em but observing here, think I know which way to go.

First cuz I’d like to do both.


going to add them all to my library and never play them


I hear there’s cheap games on steam…


Yeah, like




they were paid off by Big Esport


the ultimate steal at only $3 - please buy my new minesweeper/roguelike mashup on steam. and if ya aint got steam, it’s on google play as well.


Got a nice haul, thanks Rude E Dude!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen all of Hausu, might combo with Sweet Home for a double type night.

Also hot damn Tampopo is such a great movie.


Hell yeah, every single one of those movies rules.


Everyone’s been grabbing Fisher King this sale. Cool to see it get some love.

In addition to World on a Wire, I grabbed Mystery Train, Mulhulland Drive, and Throne of Blood. If I wasn’t already talking a day off from work to see Hidden Fortress in a really classy theater in a week, I probably would have opted for that. Still bummed about the lack of Touch of Zen.


can’t believe these red-hot deals


we had a bug like this at work this week and now it’s haunting me on sb too


I picked up King Hu’s Dragon Inn at B&N yesterday(its release day). Looking forward to watching it back to back with Goodbye, Dragon Inn. So if you head back to B&N to look for Touch of Zen, there is another criterion to strain your wallet.


Dragon Inn rules. I think it’s a bit more friendly than Zen which can feel like three different movies stuck together. If Criterion’s new version based on that recently restored print, that disc is going to look beautiful. I’ve never seen Goodbye, Dragon Inn. That sounds like a great night!! I might have to recreate it!


Yeah, it looks like the Criterion release is based on a new 4K digital restoration. I think the Taiwan Film Institute was involved somehow.

I’ve never actually seen the original Dragon Inn, but I like Touch of Zen a lot.


Yeap! That’s the one. You’re going to dig it!


Get two monitors and watch them simultaneously!


I only watch doublemovies


I actually don’t know if there’s a thread for stuff like this, but:

Anyone that regularly shaves their head - Any suggestions on a good electric razor? I generally don’t want it to be completely 100% shaved down, I like to leave a millimeter of hair or so.

I tend to keep the stubble and head hair the same length.