Barnes and Nobles doing the 50% off Criterion might I recommend

Blow Out
World on a Wire

And we all own Hausu right?


why are you doing this to me


They didn’t have Touch of Zen on blu-ray, so I went for World on a Wire based solely on your recommendation and a still I saw online of cool helmets. Another dude who was browsing the aisle warned me that I was jumping into the deep end if I hadn’t seen any of that director’s other stuff.


It’s The Matrix but in 1970s and with the action movie part. It’s cool and weird and hangouty. Enjoy how much it is ORANGE AND TEAL by set design. The other stuff I’ve seen by Fassbinder is about being a closeted gay man in Germany. This still has some of that of course. One of his films is entirely oiled Tom of Finland sailors staring at each other in twilight. And most of them are brutal and about how uncaring life is. This one is fun for the most part.


Ah man world on a wire rules.


I saw all of World on a Wire in a cinema when it was getting some heat around the time of that Criterion release. I don’t remember a huge amount about it except that I loved it.


if you have amazon prime you also have twitch prime. in the last handful of months twitch prime has been doing that free-games-every-month thing that all the subscription services are doing. for the next few days the complete fancy edition of pillars of eternity is one of those games as some kind of bonus, I think. that’s still a reasonably expensive package normally that might interest some people. I bring it up specifically because I think a lot of people who already have amazon prime don’t even know they get twitch stuff with it.


Pillars 1 is terrible


hell if I know


For free I will add it to my library and sometimes look at the title before deciding to install something else


I think Nedge covered this but apparently Twitch Prime is going to be giving out a whole heap of extra stuff this month because Prime Day is in the middle of the month. So keep that browser tab open


Pillars 2 is the good one, 1 is actually much, much worse. like you wouldn’t believe how much they improved given the scope of the project in the first place & their having released Tyranny in between to very little result



I just want to say

observer is way better than tacoma


Both games are great, but I liked Tacoma slightly better.

They share the same genre, release year, and science fiction theming. They even both used hypothetical augmented reality technology to add a weird new dimension to the epistolary side of the walking sim.

Despite all that, they have very different appeal. Observer had far more interesting imagery. Its world building was mostly warmed-over pastiche of 80’s and 90’s cyberpunk movies and novels, but it really excelled at putting you in that space and making you feel viscerally embodied in that environment. I didn’t feel that it really had much to say though. And it was a real slog to play at times. Those confusing labyrinthine dream sequences that went on for almost an hour nearly caused me to quit the game halfway through.

Tacoma is more sterile and lacks much compelling imagery, but I felt its writing, characterization, worldbuilding and plot were far more interesting. I know Felix feels that its politics are too correct (which is a critique I never really understood), but I felt that its fine-grained depiction of space station labor struggles in a corporate loyalty-based economy was actually pretty original, especially in the context of a video game. The game was also a lot more fun to play. I never got turned around or frustrated, and I really appreciated the svelte 3-hour runtime.

Both games are absolutely worth your time.


My problem was how unimaginative this made it feel as a whole; it barely even aspired to the level of science fiction with how directly it transposed 2017 themes to 2088. I think the intent was for it to be framed as depressingly similar to the current moment, which it accomplished, but even like Robocop was still more fun and creative while being totally on the nose. It was practically millennial socialist agitprop, which for me was a significant retrenchment of scope for this kind of story.


I was interested in Observer until I played Layers of Fear which was just about the most insulting twitch-pandering jump scare borefest I’ve ever laid eyes on.


We did this before but I believe Tacoma hasn’t gone through the imaginative transformation that most art uses to bypass agitprop into empathy.


Dang, I just bought Tacoma on Sunday


I feel like I already played Tacoma back when it was Hate Plus