Star Trek Thread: Nemesis 2: Nemeses, etc.


Star Trek Beyond:

@seven I don’t like China Mieville’s writing so I haven’t read anything by him since the Iron Council. The entire ‘weird fiction’ phase modern sff is going through is something I should like but don’t at all. Probably because the hang-ups and habits of the people making it are identical to my own.

This scene:


That’s the scene why I have to give a lot of credit to DS9 for rehabilitating what basically felt like an anti-semitic stereotype in TNG. Well, there are others. Outside of the ‘comic relief’ ferengi episodes, the ferengi were really well handled most of the time on that show.

@Tulpa yeah the ferengi are one of the most uneven parts of DS9 for me. I like a lot of things about the main trio of ferengi characters on the show, but every ferengi-centric episode just seemed to suffer from really horrible tone issues and lots of misguided ideas.

They were fun for the most part. I never viewed them as anti-semitic as a commentary on commercialism in America at the time. The Little Green Men episode really pushed that IMO.

I always read the alien races as aspects of humanity. But if I think about it the Klingon being a Chinese thing could work. But then the Romulans/Vulcans would be like a Chinese/Japanese split but I guess other nations could fit that. Not sure the Frengi would work for the Jewish as well as the Bajorins really, with the whole Islamic state thing. Andorians are the french? Breen are what? Who would be the Canadians?

Man this could be interesting.

i watched a few episodes of Voyager with my housemates at my last place and my sense of reality was noticeably affected. is the whole series so disorienting or did i just drop in at a good point?


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My big TNG complaint, while the series after Season 1 was awesome, when it came time to make the movies they turned Picard into freaking John McClain. Yippeekiyay Borg Queen, I guess Tom Hardy was cool in the bad movie, but the TNG movies basically through out 7 seasons of TNG canon in favor of space action. That pissed me off. DS9 is the best trek of all and I want to watch and savor each episode like it means something. Plus DAX!

Voyager turned the Borg in the monster of the week

Enterprise gets a passing grade for Jolene Blalock being television

TOS is awesome. Kirk vs Gorn, Evil Spock, freaking Nazis in space. Roddenberry would have started scientology or something if he couldn’t create Star Trek. The man is a genius. The Kirk movies are all good, and even though Shatner is an asshole Kirk is still my favorite captain.

I like Star Trek.

TNG is my favorite.
Captain Picard managed to consistently do the right thing, and was like my moral compass growing up.
Worf and Data were both great as outcasts, and maybe metaphors for growing up.
And Riker seemed cool at the time.
Geordi was always a creep though.

The Picard episodes rocked.

Tapestry is really remarkably good

Picking TNG back up with Nth Dimension, a 22nd century human resources training video about imposter syndrome.

The array miniature in this episode looks fantastic, but the stupid black light laser throne is so bad.

I thought this looked off, because the same device in the future looks like this

which evokes maybe a light therapy box or the glow of the Milennium Falcon’s navigation computer at worst.

Every jerk that called Rey from The Force Awakens a Mary Sue should have to watch it, because it appears to be an explicit acknowledgement of the concept beyond Wesley’s shenanigans.

whoever gave me my title: lol

wait what? i’m a bit into s2 and i rly like Geordi

also picard has made at laest two decisions that rub me the completely wrong way

you’re right about worf and data though

picard looks kinda like my dad at some angles, and riker has the same eyes as my youngest brother, so watching their interactions has a funny tint to it for me

omg. that whole episode is so confusing and underwhelming

Geordi is a character that they gradually forget about and eventually start writing worse and worse. The episode that settles him permanently into creep territory is when he makes a holodeck girlfriend out of the person who designed the enterprise-D’s warp engine, and then misplaces his feelings towards the real person once he meets her.

It’s about as off-putting as Barclay’s holodeck fantasies but the show doesn’t really notice.