Maps terrain and layout aren’t randomly generated, the world is a crafted fixed design.

Each area or zone has specific enemy types and creatures that appear, random generation has a hand in their placement, how many spawn, etc. You can get used to what each screen will likely have, sometimes find it’s few or none, others it’s a chaotic mess of creatures running about all with unique behaviors, and you just gotta deal. I got insta-killed on more than a couple screens just after barely making it there.


That sounds… a bit better. That much RNG on the enemies still sounds like something that I would end up hating, but it’s at least not an automatic personal disqualification.


In practice, at least in my limited experience, it’s like getting to know an ecosystem. Where do these predators tend to group? What can I expect, in general? What are strategies that I can use to improvise when things are unexpected? How can I manipulate their behavior in various situations?

It’s kind of neat. Feels a lot like being a prey animal, maybe. Always wary, ready to cut and run at the slightest sign of danger.


Very much so, we need more terms beyond “survival” but RW really deserves that.

Makes some sense how I jumped from this to Subnautica with just a few mini bursts of other games between.


I’d heard Rain World described as too frustrating to be fun, so I didn’t bother trying it despite being glad that it existed.

This recent SB discussion coincided with a discount on PS4, so I decided to give it a chance. I got off to a rocky start (by design, I’m sure) and quit my first session after dying a few times, but I find myself wanting to try again.

I appreciate the visual confusion. It reminds me a little of a nonexistent video game that I dreamed of as a teenager and always intended to try re-creating one day, even though it probably would not be very enjoyable.


Extremely Stefon voice

New York’s hottest new game is Rain World, a joint venture between a slug and a cat who both hate water. It has it all: Climbable poles that sometimes eat you, pearls that you can swallow and the vomit up to use as currency, albino lizards, and a garbage dump filled with popcorn flowers.

Extremely Seth Myers voice

Popcorn flowers?

Extremely Stefon voice

You know, those flowers that you stab with a spear that turn into popcorn that you can eat until you’re full and then you hibernate through the deadly rain?


i am frustrated. i got to the garbage dump place via the drainage area and now it seems like there’s nowhere to go?? Can someone please tell me before I go all the way back to the surface if I should stay here and try more?


you’re on the right track!!! if you want more specific directions: the general direction you want to go is up and to the right until you hit a gate. if you hit any dead ends you’ll have to backtrack a few rooms but otherwise you’re really close to where the little yellow guy wants you to go!!!


[lies down] ya’ll i really like rain world and i can’t stop thinking about it

i’ve played through it like 2 and a half times? i played through the game as the monk, survivor, and what i could as the hunter, who has a limited amount of cycles for LORE REASONS and also it makes it a score attack mode. they’re also a bit stronger and faster than the other two, and, more importantly, there are way more and way harder creatures to deal with.

i think this game has made me realize how terrified i can get of bugs. i’m very glad we do not have centipedes the size of us irl

there’s so much cool stuff in this game. SO much cool stuff. maybe too much!!! i watched this video recently and it went in depth into the dev’s process and basically everything they show here can apply to all the creatures they’ve made. it’s super impressive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVntwsrjNe4

also i really wish this game had, like, an “old-school” instruction manual or something. one that gives you the same kinda basic information 8/16 bit games would give, because it is jarring when the game teaches you basic stuff in game, esp at the beginning. like, the last thing i wanna learn in this alien world from a some yellow eye thing is that holding x will make me leap across gaps. if you don’t wanna hold my hand then so clearly reach for it, game. esp since, well, the game never teaches you about swimming, which is the worst mixture of not knowing what’s happening and not being able to see what’s happening. maybe some basic info about some creatures with an artist’s drawing that’s a loose interpretation of them

also i’ve been playing with mods!!! there’s a small but prolific group of people making a bunch of cool stuff for this game. one significant one is a co-op mod, which i played with someone yesterday!!! it’s really cool!!! there’s some bugs but it works really well, provided you stick together, because you share the same screen. also it’s def harder than just playing by yourself, but you can effortlessly give the other player a piggyback and carry them through a tuff area if you need to. the shenanigans are great though.

also there’s a mod that lets you change the color of your slugcat’s body and eyes and you can pretend it’s your own OC slugcat exploring the ruins… of rain world

honestly, though i’m like, near the end of my obsession with this game, i think. aside from mods and maybe playing the hunter once or twice and also looking up fanart all the time and listening to the music often i’m pretty much done. i’m ready to move on… but i don’t wanna say good bye…


Thank you!!! This is exactly what I needed to continue playing this game.


Well, I met the little glowing lady and accidentally ate one of her neurons (I looked this up, oops spoilers). I was trying to throw up the yellow pearl I had but instead apparently grabbed a neuron and ate it. Now I’m glowing and the little yellow fellow wants me to die. And there are slugs. What the fuck is this game i love it and also god damn it i fucked up real bad.

I have no idea what to do next. Will have to explore some more.


i’m still slowly working through this.
i made it to five pebbles (omg i actually screamed when it first went zero-g which i’m sure is the right way, but i haven’t seen my yellow friend since memory crypts :frowning:


hell yeah that’s like one of my favorite areas in the game and i also screamed at that part lmao

and don’t worry, you’re going the right way!!! there are some parts of our journey where we must travel… alone


yeah i got through it and know what i’m doing now.

currently in farm arrays, trying to ride the big boys
made a lot of progress this weekend. i also screamed when i left five pebbles to the wall and saw the buildings in the distance omg.


omg i got to the end.

those last scenes are looking like a clams casino instrumental mixtape

honestly one of the most exciting videogame experiences i’ve had in years


i’m so glad!!! when i got the ending it took me, like, a day to recover from it before i jumped back in haha. i didn’t really stop until i was certain i saw most of the game’s map/creatures. honestly i’m looking forward to the time where i forget most of the maps and creatures so i can rediscover everything all over again.