Rain world thread cos a couple of ppl have been posting about it and it’s very good.

Here is my progression so far: outskirts -> drainage system -> garbage wastes -> shoreline -> shaded citadel
Here are my thoughts so far: :confounded::confounded::confounded:


i feel like i took the long way around. i didn’t get to drainage system until quite a few regions in. i basically headed up and then to the left. the region i came in from was subterranean, which was completely dark !!! my path afterwards has been the same though. i have a friend who’s also playing and they went from the outskirts to the shaded citadel immediately. it makes me wonder just how interconnected all the areas are.

what’s interesting is that i feel like they’re all worth visiting too, they all have their own unique look and challenges and eco systems. i love seeing how all the creatures interact with each other. i’ve been friendly to most of them, usually avoiding them or letting them see me from a distance to see how they react. this isn’t a mistake as often as you’d think!!! also i just love observing them, in general. watching the birds “walk” with their wings after you is both fascinating and terrifying.


My first couple hours were exploring down-left, but after my first dead end I eventually made more progress upwards. Around the Canopy I started to get better at precise movements, and observing or reacting to dangers but that’s also when things started getting a lot more intimidating! So I backed down.

By the garbage wastes I decided to follow only where the yellow guider appears. It’s tricky since sometimes its appearance will just stop for a few screens. I guess that’s good as you aren’t entirely pointed where to go, but could be annoying when you know any of 2-3 paths in front of you could wind into a whole other half hour branch. I was about 10 minutes away from the first “objective” when I decided to at least find out if I was making progress. Fortunately yes! but arrgghhh how exhausting retracing paths through certain areas can be.


i tried following the lil guy but i lost the trail down the east end of shorelines & headed up to the citadel instead. should i double back? i’m not far


You should go east as possible in shoreline, not saying much here but you’ll know when you encounter something/someone distinctly different from everything else.

After that, little guider changes course and you basically go as far as possible in another direction.


ah, found em. can’t talk to them but ig i can follow the ghosts now


this game is amazing. i beat it and it’s just, blown me away. for a game with very little story i can’t stop thinking about it and it’s like, implied lore. i love the slugcats. here’s, like, idk, some scattered thoughts:

  • the world itself is seriously beautiful. i loved exploring every inch of it. discovering new things is it’s own reward, and seeing how everything interacts and how you interact with it is such a joy. it reminds me of how obsessed i got with breath of the wild and exploring the map but like… none of the cruft. each area ties into each other so well but has it’s own unique atmosphere and challenges. you’re not gonna run into hundreds of small areas that all look the same. and like botw, just traversing it is half the fun of this game!!! seriously, both the tension and fun of jumping from pipe to pipe, platform to platform, even with nothing on my thick tail, doesn’t (usually) grow old. looking at a screen and figuring out how to traverse it, knowing that if i’m not careful i could die, that’s the good shit right there.

  • the game’s challenge itself is like… not really that bad? it’s about constantly making a little progress from one habitat, or save point, to the next. it’s okay to die over and over again. the game expects you to. there are so many different routes that like, connect to each other, that knowing your way around on your first go is impossible. there aren’t really many shortcuts to discover, you will, at best, find a path to your destination that’s shorter but still dangerous. and you don’t lose much!!! there’s a timer for every cycle so it’s not like you can explore for more than like, 15 minutes at most. the habitats are obv spaced out so that you can reach them in time or else it’d be impossible to beat. you don’t lose map progress and for a game where you’re looking where to go next that’s so important!!! the only thing you lose is karma, important for getting past the infamous gates, but you can’t go lower than 1, so at most you will have to survive in a dreadful harsh place for a few cycles before you can continue on.

  • god the game’s music is so good. everything ties in so well. it does the metroid 2 thing where sometimes you can’t tell what’s the music and what’s like, the sounds of a creature. each area has it’s own danger music that plays when enemies are nearby and ramps up as they get closer and i swear each creature is accompanied with it’s own instrument or something. the regular tracks are really good too!!! it really mixes well with whatever is going on screen, and aside from the danger music is used so sparingly that it sends chills down my spine when it does start up

  • again just, like, everything has it’s own AI and interactions with each other that it’s such a delight seeing what feels like a living breathing alien world playing out on my screen. it’s something else. maybe i should get into dwarf fortress or something.

  • this game def isn’t perfect and i love it even more for that, honestly. there have been moments where i had to throw myself at them over and over figuring out what exactly the game devs wanted me to do, and it can wear you down immensely since you can’t really relax in a game with a timer. but it’s made me quit and come back to it later and figure out how to traverse things easier, experiment with the tools given to me throughout the area i’m stuck in, and repeat until i triumphantly make it through. there are other things that bother me about it (sometimes the game is too esoteric, the background can get so busy that sometimes you’ll look at your map just to see which parts are actually platforms and which aren’t, etc etc) but it’s… so unique and so well made, like, so artistically cohesive. like, part of me wants to say you can play it for a few hours and get it, you know? you don’t have to beat this game to enjoy this one. but god if you really like what it’s about and have the determination to play through it all… it’s so rewarding.

here’s some of my favorite screenshots. i took alot:

i’m already doing my second playthrough as the monk!!! it’s still hard despite being the easier difficulty!!!


Yeah the ending is a real Event


im like 5-10 hours into this and still have so little idea of what’s going on.
it’s so exciting !! every day i’m just chipping away a little bit further

my path so far has been: outskirts > industrial complex > chimney canopy > sky islands

have you seen future wearing a rain world hoodie??


can we talk about how much better the WIP logos were



ohhh right THAT’S what this game’s aesthetic is, demoscene



I just got this game and I’m very confused but it’s gorgeous


Well, I just experienced the titular Rain and it was quite a horrible experience.

I cannot believe I slept on this game. I think I saw one person say it was, like, too grimdark or something. So I never played it. But this is like Knytt Stories. Except…evil? I like it.


RPS didn’t like it so I think that had a bit of a chilling effect on the game’s popularity, since I imagine RPS is a pretty significant vector for spreading the word on PC indie games.


I’m usually a proponent for the kind of difficulty RW contains, but the combined chaos of wobbly controls and random generation keeps me from recommending it to most folks I think’d love it otherwise. Along with minimal directions on how to progress in any sense, much as I liked it I think it’s just a bit too cruel or obtuse for its own good (beyond audiences it will click with).


polygon also gave it a 5.0 review because the reviewer lost “several hours of progress” which… is basically impossible, i think, unless the launch version of the game was radically different from the current version i’ve been playing


ya’ll there is 4.6 hours of music in the game’s files

it’s all so good it can go from this

which is so good as atmospheric music for an alien planet where everything eats you

to this

which is just a really good jam


okay one last thing that will actually be helpful:

https://rainworld.gamepedia.com/Controls this page explains the controls really well without spoiling anything, which is useful, because i spent several hours throwing spears into walls on accident before i realize you can just, put them down

also i lied here’s one more thing: all three slugcats sleep in different positions


This is another one of those games that looks vaguely interesting but I’ll end up never playing because they went the random generated world route.