Sonic Mania


interesting bit of sonic trivia: the blue spheres music apparently predates sonic 3 and was originally written in 1991 for the obscure/unreleased(?) puzzle game SegaSonic Bros

anyway, there is a lot of new footage since the game was just dumped/released in full






robotnik is wearing the pajamas from the “man of the year” short from sonic jam which is the most absurdly deep cut

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holy shit the daytona hornet driving it’s own kart fighter’s megamix style is next level

this is honestly the pinnacle of the doom engine


this game is amazing



yet another thing I love about this game that I just discovered is that their desktop website is the most endearingly ancient thing and their mobile website is like, normal and modern using some turnkey stylesheet



Tee Lopes & Jun Senoue team up for an epic take on “Big Arms”, the final boss of Sonic 3, in this extended, powered-up version of the original Sonic Mania Adventures mix.This is our first of five special remixes from Sonic Mania Adventures, so stay tuned for more coming soon!


This is a snippet of a race on a public server joined by some of our development staff. Online replays are a feature coming to the game in the future, allowing you to save matches for later viewing. No longer will you be caught thinking, “I wish I was recording that sick play!” You’ll also be able to view the race from other racers’ viewpoints, with up to four views visible at once. While online replays are a ways out from being ready for public use, the game remains in active development.

This video also shows off some HUD changes made in 1.0.2 that have not been shown off on our YouTube channel yet. Mainly, the minimap is now shown in all splitscreen modes.




Get it before it gets taken down.