Sonic Mania


It does!


Yeah so uh.

This is like the Sonic 4 I’ve wanted since I was 14.

The darkest timeline has its perks, I admit.




@Mighty I know, rite



if ray can get through it, maybe we all can


i’m just as bad at gliding with ray as I am with the super mario world cape

using the combo of mighty to be invincible against spikes and tails to fly around freely as your main team in encore mode is pretty strong



That’s the first time I’ve ever seen or heard Christian Whitehead.

Doesn’t look like (the admitted sonic megafan stereotype) I was expecting!; 60s mod is a hard look to pull off in 2018 but damn it he doesn’t reasonably manage it.


I think that’s just what australians look like



you’re not wrong mate


Encore Mode is cool, i like that every life you get is a different character, leading to more improvisational runs

Ray’s flying feels easier to me than Mario’s cape but it still feels heavy and awkward

Mighty’s downward smash feels nice

The pinball game…sucks, but I appreciate they keep trying to shove Knuckles Chaotix references in

Have the levels in this mode changed beyond just time of day? Did they add different routes to take advantage of these new abilities? I need to look this up


there are a few additional routes for mighty’s smash for sure

spike, enemy, item, and bonus stage placement changed in general

the only level that really had a significant physical change is encore mirage saloon act 1, which got an overhaul because previously it was a knuckles only level


Pretty sure there are a lot of layout changes, but it seems to vary from level to level how significant the changes are.

Is it just me though, or are the special stages much harder in encore?


yeah i felt the same way, re: special stages


Haven’t tried Encore yet, but they fixed the octopus boss! And made more subtle adjustments throughout Mania Mode (Metal Sonic is just the most obvious change).