Sonic Mania


the update if you already have the game will be 5 bucks on steam and the console stores


neat that the time of day changes in encore mode include a “sunset hill” like in stealth’s old fangame sonic megamix (and also layout changes apparently)

at some point it looks like you get an option to switch between the five characters to tackle different parts of the level


four player competitions look wild

encore mode studiopolis looks like a knuckles chaotix/marina madness pallette tbh


is that smw cape flying action i see with ray?

golly this is wild


My thoughts exactly!

I really wish the physical version of this game was going to be out in time for my 7-year old nephew’s birthday this weekend



apparently sega held a concert in japan called “Sonic Adventure Music Experience 2016” where they played music from the adventure games, then afterwards they held a presentation featuring some unseen development art

really hoping this isn’t bs or whatever because fucking WOW



3 seconds of the chaotix theme is a good sitcom transition music tbh





for sonics birthday yuji naka posted a tiny bit of old news footage of him at 24 coding the ground collision in sonic 1

neat to see the old tools they used



looks like angel island still isn’t an “actual” level but at least there’s a full version of the song now


also mania plus has leaked so if you just want to know everything or don’t want to know anything about it…heads up






Maybe less annoying in the west but I hate the new Sega ding is near identical to the IBM ding.



I played the update today. The new characters are pretty fun, and Encore Mode is really good, with slight changes to level layouts and stage graphics.

Green Hill Zone at sunset looks really nice.


new save select bangs