Sonic Mania


teasing a sonic branded shoe that is somehow not a stylized take on sonic’s actual shoes, and isn’t even fucking red seems like a huge oversight???


I would love it if this show was completely without dialogue like some kind of Sega Tom & Jerry



[Sunshine Intensifies]




is this a Sonic R reboot???


i loved this terrible game


Sonic Robo Blast 2 is 20 years old and still in development.





Oh thank God there’s no voiceover


Compared to the original opening animation, this struggles a bit with the “need” to have a plot. The usual problem with videogame adaptations I guess


i’m just forever so happy for Tyson Hesse that he gets to do this


it’s still wild to me that Sonic’s been around for decades and of the all the merchandising opportunities present, having an entire shoe line sold to sneakerhead nerds that are modeled exactly after the weird straps and velcro and style of all those shoes in that pic Dracko just posted hasn’t been considered.

i know they’ve had Soaps and whatever the shoes they teased with Puma in this thread, but not having ones based on all those weirdly distinct ones, especially now that Sonic Mania has been a hit, seems like leaving money on the table


they’ll get sued the second a kid dies of exhaustion after thinking they will give him superspeed and limitless stamina


Merchandising seems like a weird skillset that only a few companies like Lucasarts are actually good at. It probably requires an enormous amount of expertise at dealing with partners and supply chains or something

Judging by the success of Amiibo, Nintendo has been leaving even more money on the table by not merchandising the shit out of their IP



So a patch for this got released early on PS4.

More zone transitions. The time limit can be turned off and you can now save games with the changed moves.