Sonic Mania


Tails is the key to true power


Best part about Sonic 1 iOS. Feel no shame in just flying over Marble Zone lava boat rides. They even added 2 small new routes that only he and Knuckles can access.






my son :’)



Gotta say I’m leaning far more towards Tails as my favourite Sonic character as I age. Such a charming little tech-head.


thought of a joke this morning

what if he was called


the hedgehog

and also he smoked weed

this joke is copyright vclint enterprises no stealing



i’m gonna sue


chaos, spinball, and cd all came out 24 years ago on



and tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of sonic 2sday


God Sonic 2 and the Saturn were released two years apart.


I’ve finished work on the Sonic 3D Director’s Cut. The final version is now available on Steam Workshop, and as a downloadable patch file if you already own the original Genesis/MegaDrive game

Steam Workshop:

Downloadable Patch:

(You’ll need to use “DeltaPatcher” to apply the patch to your ROM)



The guitar in that arrangement is just “not quite there” enough to be really grating.

Looks pretty slick graphically, though.


New updated GOTY version of the game called Sonic Mania Plus is a physical version/DLC for digital with playable Ray/Mighty

also cartoons of some sort