Sonic Mania


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literally thinking about making snexploration pogs for patrons tho


I wish the Sonic Mania update allowed progress to be saved after each act instead of after each whole zone. I rarely make any progress in this game because my attention/enjoyment usually wanes after 1.25 acts per session. And maybe I suck too much at Sonic, but spending over 15-20 minutes on platforming and special/bonus stages feels like a slog when I arrive at a zone 2 boss and lose all my lives immediately because I don’t understand what to do and then I get thrown back 2 acts.

Speaking of slogs, I was happy to hear that there is a sound test code for unlocking all the medals and extras because I’d like to play Puyo without first mastering Blue Sphere. But the update has now locked the level select/sound test screen behind 16 medals, so I’ll never get a chance to use the code.


Someone please tell me Flying Battery Zone is the worst zone. I was enjoying the heck out of this until I got to there, but now I’ve lost all my steam. I would also like to continue on the same act.


At least the BGM slaps.


flying battery is the worst zone (for length)


That is kind of a relief. I do like this game overall. I’ve only dabbled in sonic in the past, so I’m not that great at it though.



I have a strong reflexive dislike of using sprite rotation for the loop de loops


Yep that looks like Sonic fangame level design.


neat mod



ok but duz the game retain the eco-terrorist subtext of the original?


  • 100% accurate Sonic 3 & Knuckles physics
  • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles fully playable, including Sonic & Tails co-op
  • Widescreen display
  • Additional effects like 360° rotation
  • Optional high quality pixel filter xBRZ
  • Controller support
  • Experimental Time Attack mode
  • Many fixes and small gameplay tweaks
  • Added movement options like Tails Assist and Flight Cancel


interesting bit of sonic trivia: the blue spheres music apparently predates sonic 3 and was originally written in 1991 for the obscure/unreleased(?) puzzle game SegaSonic Bros

anyway, there is a lot of new footage since the game was just dumped/released in full






robotnik is wearing the pajamas from the “man of the year” short from sonic jam which is the most absurdly deep cut

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