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i’m asciibutt basically everywhere that’s not vidcons (where i’m usually oestrablot)
twitter maybe?

anyone back on mastodon?

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I don’t really like having a Twitter account and I sometimes don’t look at it for years at a time but I don’t know any other way to keep up with some of the art and indie game dev stuff that I like to see sometimes.

This is me on there. Lately I’ve been posting a few of the same AI-generated images I’ve been sharing in the SB thread and I’ve been meaning to post about some more indie games that I like. But I’ve also already mentioned those here so basically anything I do on Twitter is SB-redundant.


I was hyped when you popped up on there this morning!

@hauntedculture on twitter



oh so not super mario bros hacks


Not originally, most people do seem to guess at pronouncing it “Ess Em Bee hacks,” though. ^_ ^


My mind is blown

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I hesitate to mention this because I don’t want to encourage the use of Facebook, but if anyone else has an account on there for some reason, I found a browser plugin that takes care of the ads and ad-like things that even uBlock Origin doesn’t block. It also lets you customize what you see beyond that.


I don’t think I like Mastodon, but now I’m on it, because I want to leave Twitter, and nothing else is doing it for me

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does anyone have a good rundown of the major mastodon servers rn? i would love to not spend any more time on twitter

I’m on GameMaking.Social, but I know a bunch of folks are going to, which is unfortunate as I think they host a notable transphobe so I can only follow people there via RSS.

ended up joining for my dsa-posting needs… Mastodon –

twitters dying but anyway here’s my public one for now – @stylo9000

my tumblr’s posted in the tumblr thread – stylo-999 for personal / stylo-v for music stuff

Youtube I don’t use anymore, there’s some game clips on there – @stylo9000

and here’s my cohost for future ref, i hope they let me post someday –

really tho i should make a personal website. cohost is kind of like that but i guess not exactly


you already know how to publish to github pages with jekyll but i’m happy to answer questions about setting it up

i went to check out mastodon again and the instance i chose a couple of years back, one of the most mainstream ones at the time i believe, has defederated over some kind of interpersonal drama with the admins



yeah Mastodon is just Twitter with thousands of competing elon musks enjoying a platform with no privacy or security for its users.


twitter untill it dies
been on tumblr for a while
i quite like cohost


tumblr is where im gonna post mostly
instagram is where i follow a lot of ppl
website is where my comics and stuff go

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