SNEXploration Mario Paint is finally out, plus POGs and shit

New thread because it’s been months!! Go listen now!!!

Big huge thanks to @boojiboy7 and @u_u for providing music, which I did use in the podcast completely without explicit permission, I hope that’s okay!! I did credit you at the end.

Also: you can pay me for POGs and stickers now!!

Okay that’s it bye


Oh I thought permission was implied, but yeah, I am good with this.


this is really cool, its bringing back a lot of mario paint memories

at first i thought the strategy guide was something i never heard of, but when you started talking about it i could picture exactly what the jimi hendrix picture looked like, and also the guides to recreating sf2 sprites. so i must have had it? so crazy

i also remember the idea of using a vcr to record mario paint animations, and combining it with camcorder footage. i’m not sure i ever actually did that, but the concept was intriguing