SNExploration Emergency Session, Atmosfear!


Soooo we did an episode about that prototype SNES game that came out a little less than a month ago:

And I put a ton of work into this one, I think it’s really, really fun.

No new vote for now, and hopefully another episode coming out…next week?


sneak preview of some of the thigns that went into this: image



The Night Court theme is my absolute go to for all audio editing purposes


Hey! I just listened to this. It was a good one! Gatekeeper VastleCania’s negging throughout was a very erotic experience.


I was genuinely afraid the entire second half of the show was going to be in reverse


But seriously, any Aussie SB’s have any memories of the Atmosfear experience?
(we have user groups, right? I should just be able to @Australia and ping every one of them here at once!)