SNEX Away Team

The SNEX Feed is a bevy of treasures. Cania is gracious enough to let me round up a montly crew of SBers to review other games usually when it is very early for me and very late for Everyone else.

If you’ve already subscribed to SNEX for that mainline content then you have also gotten our dark dealings. But if you haven’t well go listen to the Link To The Past Episode of the main cast something someone said has to have made you mad!

But on these I am always impressed by our community and my friends to twist anything into a thoughtful and interesting discussion.

I fully expect and hope for there to be an Away Team not hosted by me released in the coming months. Maybe HOUSE PARTY???


oh dang i always forget to post about these on the forums, duh. if you follow the twitter feed @snexploration i’ll definitely notify you

the away team episodes are absolutely delightful btw. i’m only halfway through the latest one but it’s so much fun

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Really loved the TAZ owns at the end of the salary man special

Finally got the links to work jeeze.

Oh no are multiple sbpcs now engaged in fulltime criticism of The Adventure Zone? I’m gonna have to change my whole schtick now

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I can’t get enough TAZ criticism. Familiar yet no longer entertaining podcasts are like Ambien to me so I still listen in a utility sense, at least the first few minutes. It usually consists of a two minute recap by Travis followed by a five minute conversation between two NPCs voiced by Travis after which I’m already out.

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I stopped listening like 2/3 of the way through Balance and have no idea what the later seasons are like but yes, that sounds bad.

i kept trying to get onto it coz i had friends talking about what an amazing experience it ended up being but instead i stopped listening to podcasts altogether (i try and take in a bit of NoRA still though)

The absolute best part of TAZ is the beginning when they are just playing silly default D&D and using it as a canvas for their extremely good goofs. Later on Griffin can’t help making Baby’s First Multiverse and it just carries zero dramatic weight.

The McElroys were amusing for a period of about 4 months when their podcast first launched like, a decade ago.

i too stopped listening to podcasts altogether for bout 6 months after listening to a bunch of McElroy stuff. I mean, I like 'em but they definitely soured me on the concept of podcasts for a while.

Listening to them, I mean. Recording them is always good.

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