Sleater-Kinney Appreciation Station



The first album of theirs i listened to was The Woods and was utterly hooked from the first 5 seconds of this song

still probably my favorite of their albums

GOD. corin tucker’s voice. holy fucking SHIT corin tucker’s voice. good gravy, corin tucker’s voi

i heard and liked this one a lot in HS yet inexplicably did not pursue more stuff by the band for a decade. Multiple times while recently diving thru their whole catalog i just shook my head and thought “what the fuck was wrong with me not getting into Sleater-Kinney sooner”. Even now they’re one of those bands that it feels like i always loved, like it does not feel like they were ever not one of my all-time favorites. Hell, they might just straight-up be my favorite now.

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no bass is unfortunate

which album is their heaviest? the woods?



i honestly barely notice that they dont have a bass


lack of bass didn’t keep When Doves Cry from being funktastic. You can always go to Ned’s Atomic Dustbin if you feel bass deficient


A good number of their songs have what could be a bassline but just played on a tuned-down baritone guitar instead

According to a reddit AMA:

This is Janet - Funny thing but I don’t really love low end. That big bass sound that hits you in your gut is unpleasant! Not having a bass allows for the drums to occupy an interesting space in the music, which I really love. Also, bass players often make those funny faces.

Which hey fine by me because she’s a fucking incredible drummer.


Their new live album “Live in Paris” is out and streaming on Spotify. Good setlist here. Fuck, Corin’s live vocals are unreal; see What’s Yours Is Mine. Feel bad for Carrie. She sounds alright, straining a little perhaps, but lord she gets blown away.


Their vocal dynamic on stuff like “Burn, Don’t Freeze” is sooo perfect though. Weird, asynchronous not-harmonies where it they’re basically both singing different songs layered over eachother. love it.

i’ll be sure to check out that album!