Shrinking from ATX to mini-ITX- should I go skylake?


I love samsung so much


press the Bixby button and answer a few simple questions and it will select the right lens for you, AutoMagically!


I wonder why bixby is called bixby:
bik-su-bi would translate to three… stacks… syllables in hangul, but it always reminds me of Bubsy, and that… is not a good thing to be reminded of when we’re talking world dominance.


apparently docker and vmware player (not virtualbox) can coexist on windows now without having to reboot in between doing different kinds of virtualizations so that’s good

it’s still elaborate and dumb but uhhh getting there


I got a laptop with a thunderbolt port and I’ve been thinking of getting an external hard drive to install games on because games are too dang big nowdays. Is a thunderbolt drive worth an extra $50 bucks over a regular usb drive? Google hasn’t be helpful in trying to compare gaming performance between the two.


USB3 basically can’t bottleneck a spinning drive


Well I guess that settles that. Not like I’ll find a a cheap thunderbolt SSD. Thanks!



I may have a 486 SX or DX still somewhere around, at my parents home. My trusty DX4-S, that i won’t part with, hopefully still works… better check that this christmas and report back, huh!


so since my laptop at work decided it didn’t like my SDD any longer (thankfully it gave some indication that sth was amiss, so i was good with backups, and most things are stored on our servers anyway, so that worked out fine), i had to finally do an upgrade to win10.
I had put that off for months until we winged our live demo and could finish this project at work, so now I finally can start updating all applications, looking for replacements, finding out what doesn’t work anymore etc. etc.
Most important of all tho, catching up on that WSL thing @Felix talked about itt(?) a while ago.

While waiting for office, outlook etc to finish the ever so slow update/installation party, I was wondering how they are doing it™.
These “appx” files are actually zips, and there’s a nice tar.gz’ed filesystem. That’s surely going somewhere on the platter, and yes, it went into the [user] > AppData > Local > Packages > [distro flavor of your choice] folder that seems to house the whole file system.

Regarding the applications, i have a theory that maybe they did sth with the coreFX work they done a while ago, and constructed some kind of .net/C# abstraction layer? Gonna see whether I can take a look at a sample application with a hex editor to find out more about how they’re doing it.




i guess i still want to look at a binary before reading this, to end a year long draught…


evidently the “hardware” fixes for spectre/meltdown are 0% better than the microcode patches to date:

which is another reason not to wait for any massive improvements in desktop CPUs I guess, notebooks notwithstanding

(they are rumouring historically large cache increases for Ice Lake which along with finally going to LPDDR4 should be an effective 10% IPC boost at last but who the hell knows if they’ll ship it before Apple has ARM macbooks at this point)


microsoft wants to be google as much as google wants to be microsoft:


Wow, so we’re really getting close to one web standard again, huh. I’m not aware of any outstanding issues with Edge; it seemed that the issue was that they were still in mindshare debt from the hole they dug with IE 6-9.




Not really, since Chromium is banned on iOS


really not looking forward to working around 3 subtly different implementations of webkit + firefox

tbh fuck google for forking it and not contributing anything back in order to screw over apple, love having my job made harder by corporate bullshit


are blink and webkit that different these days?

(probably yes)

KHTML for life


i pick firefox just to be contrary